Is this how AGS treats their customers?

i am european, but with this change, it is totally finished for SEA players to play on NA ^^’ far from what ags said on twitter…

Enjoy the block! Unfortunate they probably have data on where the majority of the player base resides

I’m also in Canada, but not logged in atm. Let me try and log on and see…

Maybe he got banned for other things like RMT/scripts

Yea, you’re lacking brain. If the officer tells you that you’re not allowed to speed here because limit is 50, and you still gonna speed up to 80 for the next few month’s because nobody is taking actions against it … does that mean the officier that will give you a penalty after 3 month’s is wrong?

the error is not a ban message if you look ^^’ if he is saying this error this is not a ban

it’s not ALL Canada. One of my guildmate located in West Canada can connect just fine. I’m in east.

Have you seen HIS error message tho?

why should i think he is lying ?

Because 90% of the people here lie? lol always ask for proof

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Why would I risk my account with so many hours spent on it? I ACTIVELY try to stay as far away as possible from any kind of illegal code of conduct stuff.

accusation needs to show proof.

Except politician, they are guilty and to condemn by default, but… it is their work to be on illegal side v_v"

For other, i respect the basic justice rule : innocent until proven guilty.


Lick them clean PLS

I have some friends in eastern Canada that play Lost Ark. I’ll have to ask if they are blocked.

this is my error message

see with support, with give them your city (or better your ip)

Also, did you use a VPN ? it can be explanation also

They blocked ur isp

VPN was banned a long time ago. looks like they made a mess up in banning reigions

I’m East/Central Canada and playing the game just fine.

Exitlag that don’t hide the route were still allowed finally.
But with a big IP block, it is easy to be too large, add things you shouldnt etc etc

This question cost me nothing, and if a “yes” the “test without” would maybe solve the issue this evening, avoiding the customer service from AGS ^^’