Is this how you do Localization now?

@Ragestyles is doing a fantastic job finding all these loose threads and should be commended not vilified.

If you want to have any input or impact on other issues then I would suggest you post in other threads.

It was already edited in by the time of your reply.

Thanks for reporting this.

missing spacebar

i found this one, where Endurance is still called Patience

Witcher Event quest, missing spacebar here

this thread should be moved to the new localization feedback, because I will keep updating it


Ohhhh bua bua the game does not work bcuz the translate…
Come on kid grow up

on the adventure tome its supposed to be called Kottbulle Dish…

Didn’t know Danika was a male all along.

Same with Piela.

Same with Zakra

missing spacebar


spacebar missing

here the VO says “Hmm I wish I had ten bodies”

here the VO says “It’s been a while since I have been in a city.”
here the VO says “hmm this is all quite exhausting…”

missing spacebar

Thank you for reporting these.

found another one…

Brelshaza gate 2 , this debuff

contruct is not even an english word as far as I am aware.
should be renamed to either “curse” or “contract”

Thanks for this one, Ragestyles. We also have a localization section on the forums now.

I know, I asked twice for my thread to be moved over there already :smiley:

missing spacebar here.

This one kinda crazy because thousands of people do this UNA daily every day but noone ever reported it.

I’ve moved this over.

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