Is this how you do Localization now?

True, bunch of those are also wrong

This particular error was flagged as a bug before the maintenance compensation was pushed live, but since the item will still work as intended we decided it would be better to grant the items to players so they can be received as quickly as possible instead of waiting for a fix and file delivery to be made.

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The game became horrendous now XD
OMG SG X AGS collab with messing up with patch pipeline and localisation XD
Its only getting worse XD

whatever you do, don’t look at the quit Raid button in guardian raids jesus it makes my eyes bleed

I know I hate it just as much.

I see it up to 14x per day on guardian raids.
Then on all weekly raids like argos etc…

I made post about localization before, i was close to saying that I am thankful for including some of the things that I pointed out, but…
Then this update came out, among really nice small features added/adjusted into the game, this overwhelming garbage spills put left and right. I know that most likely whole strings are being translated and in KR version order of them may change in relation to context in sentences, but this looks so bad that it’s inexcusable to say the least. I will let myself to skip game breaking bugs like freeze into crash on raid cutscenes, but to be unable to sort out poorly written skills, engravings or set buffs and to add this pile of garbage on top of that has to take special effort to F things up this badly. It even went to the point where some strings have spaces in the end of the word and others at the beginning, which makes whole thing have double spaces between the words, I started to make screens to post them but after reaching 100MB in my folder I just gave up, because it’s easier to say that it simply is EVERYWHERE.

I will let myself to guess that localization is being outsourced and if that’s the case then it would be much healthier to have only english but at least done right. I can only imagine how bad it has to be in other languages when theseost likely are translated from already tragic english one. Majority of players still are unaware that for example paralysis immunity is stagger immunity and that’s only one of many things that right now are piling up to such abnormal amount of workload that has to be done in order to fix it somewhere between now and 2025.

I’ve never seen a more dramatic community in my life.


Just check the game credits at Credits | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG :wink:

Lionbridge features quite prominently in the localization section.

OOF, I think that I felt better living in ignorant bliss.
Still funny to know that there are people brave enough, to take credit for that translation.

They are using an intern AI to reduce cost I guess

I just love you guys and gals. Hilarious.
You started something here @Ragestyles.

I completely agree that there are Grammer errors in the game and it would be great to have them fixed. I worked with a Grammer N, let’s say Naturalist ! and it was great. He was fantastic at proof reading through things.

Thanks @Roxx for taking this onboard and being nice about it.
I somehow think this thread should be in the bug reports area, or replicated there.

Keep the reports coming in I say. Let the team know where the issues are, perhaps in a nice manner.

woOhOo, hAve at iT. :nerd_face:

you have been definitely not been playing games like WoW then.
Localization errors of this massive scale like we have here are just literally not existent there.
Something like the Cursed doll Level 3 tooltip bug would have been fixed half a year ago.
Completely missleading engraving. A new player would think his healing would increase by 25% if he got it up to level 3 of the engraving. That is an absolute no-go. Especially 7 Months into the game.

Vern’s Sun and Moon

is his name Bellen or Velen now? …

In the Quest [The Letter] from reaching friendly with Nineveh Rapport the character model of Zinnervale is the one from Thirain.

even the text in the translation says Ginger instead of Zinnervale.
In Fact, there is various parts of the game where the quest text says Ginger or Gingervale instead of Zinnervale. Which makes me think like the Version of our Game is just a copy&paste of the Russian Version of the game and then changed up a bunch of translated stuff.

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missing spacebar here

how many south verns do you have to do on your characters as a localization guy to notice that?

this one has been resolved now


Everyone who quested through Feiton atleast once would know that the little girl from the side quest in Kalaja is named Illucia.
Why does her quest text say Lucia?

Take a look at the Naruna Hot Springs Journal!

Even her VO says “Naruna” like that, why can’t the text be like that too?

Please fix, it is the NPC right next to the Punika Starsand Chaos Gate.

ALL OF US did T3 Punika Chaos Gates FOR MONTHS in Starsand Beach.
HOW does this localization error STILL EXIST 7 months later after having it reported before?

I can tell you guys one thing but the Localization Team who does translate the game for us DOES NOT play our version of the game. (or they have not made it past Tier 2)

These errors would simply just not exist.
You can’t fkn tell me you walk past by this Starsand Beach NPC 4 times per week for your chaos gates for around 4 months without noticing that once.
None of the Localization guys have a Cursed Doll engraving on their characters. Not a single one.

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Literally LOLed at this every time I entered a guardian raid. Truly a “facepalm” moment.


Ah, yeah let me quickly search for Job Offer Wallpaper on the AH…