Is this how you do Localization now?


Destroyer / Jumping Smash

As a movement-related Tripod, is this supposed to be named “Superior Charge” instead of “Change”?

Yes but you should also add from which class and skill that is

Thanks for reporting this one!

This is a good question.

Prologue quest of defeating kakul saydon “Punika_Smiling Demon” ← also why is there an underscore…?

pretty sure this should say mood instead of moon also its missing a spacebar

Also one of my biggest issues I have with the game right now is the SERVER NAME of Sien.

Everytime I queue up with people from there the server name ingame says Slen with an L
and its really annoying

That is NOT his name just saying.

when do you ever plan to fix this? Amazing to me that this hasnt been reported before.
The server name needs to be changed, not the card, just FYI (every single ingame reference says Sien, every VO, every text…)

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some people cant even play half the game and yall are spell checking…

@Ragestyles is doing a fantastic job finding all these loose threads and should be commended not vilified.

If you want to have any input or impact on other issues then I would suggest you post in other threads.

It was already edited in by the time of your reply.

Thanks for reporting this.

missing spacebar

i found this one, where Endurance is still called Patience

Witcher Event quest, missing spacebar here

this thread should be moved to the new localization feedback, because I will keep updating it


Ohhhh bua bua the game does not work bcuz the translate…
Come on kid grow up