Is this legal, not rmt?

My friend just quit from lost ark, and he gave me his account. Im wondering if i log in on his account, make dailies, weeklys etc, get the gold and send to my main account is something i could get banned.

You wouldn’t if you didn’t post this topic. I think the TOS says you can’t have multiple accounts.

Maybe you definitely have a little brother that is definitely playing on that account and let’s say your little brother really loves you and wants you to have all his gold.


Dude this game has more bots than players. Whatever you do, you cant be banned.

Piloting is against ToS. But admitting it publicly just actually just admitting it. People have been playing on at least 2 accounts to get around the 6 limit weekly gold acquisition

The odds of any action being taken against you for this is honestly pretty slim. It isnt RMT since you didnt actually pay him for it. Technically speaking you are only supposed to have one account though.

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It’s against the rules to have multiple accounts on any MMO, just ask those multi-boxing druids in WoW who have been playing since Classic without any issue.

As for having a 2nd account sending you gold. The game allows you to mail people gold. If people get banned for sending others gold, Streamers would have been on the first day logged onto the game.

Now if somehow you are being super skechy and this account is sending you like 50,000g a day, sure you might get checked out. But a hundred gold each week, likely you would never see an issue.

I haven’t logged on his account, but this already answered my question. I have almost 1k hour on my steam, so im not going to do something risky. That’s why i came here for an answer.

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I mean…Zeals has publically announced having like 6 accounts lol…


Sorry but you are only allowed 1 account per player.

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I thought you told me your friend was just going to be stopping by your house for an hour or so a day to do his dailies since his computer broke?

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First of all, ignore this guy:

Now going back to your question, in my opinion it’s a personal risk: they might notice that your friend acc is supplying gold to your acc and you can risk getting banned. I am not sure (you should research this topic) but i think if you use 2 different accounts on same IP might trigger a check from Amazon/Steam.
Taking in consideration that they banned innocent players and it took them weeks to recover their accounts, i would suggest to think carefully if it worths or not. People who bought skins/pets/mounts from AH got banned because the seller refunded the packs.
Taking in consideration the low amount of gold you can farm with your friend acc per week, in my opinion i consider it doesn’t worth to play your friend’s acc.

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It’s okay if you let your friend use your computer for one hour a day so they can do their dailies.

If they send you a reward in the mail then that’s a nice friend. lol


ok so it’s mean… if it’s a bot or not still was ilegal right.? cuz it use 3rd party software… but why that’s bot or multiboxer running around like 1 month.

violating a games ToS is not illegal (idk maybe you just meant a violation?) because it’s not a legally binding contract, but you could potentially be banned if you make it obvious enough aka losing service

why would you even bother posting this on the forum ? just do it for the gold.
You would be the kind of robber that asks the bank teller if its okay to rob the bank