Is this normal now?

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its normal for 5 months now


Wow that’s insane.

current rmt prices have dropped to

30-40 bucks for 100k

compared to

100-150 for 100k 2 months ago

yeah…bots are roaming free and making bank.

more than half of current active player numbers are just bots.

give it another 2 months it’ll prob be

100k gold for 10-20 bucks

that’ll be some funny stuff right there


Wow so many new players, did they advertise the game somewhere? I must have missed it.

Ahh I wanted to use the name Parfacgnkjhgf for my alt, now I see it is taken already


This one is on NAE regulus. I wonder if other servers are the same. :smiley:


I got cats on the other channel :smiley:

I’m on NAW Rohendel server and it’s definitely running rampant with bots as well

On the bright side, fish are down 43%.

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Poor Sina.

Worth investing you think?

They increase population charts so AGS is happy having them