Is this really necessary change?

this is counter attack skill right?
i know this is not important because nothing will change :rofl: :rofl:

What do you mean ? It should still be counter with that difference when you attack from a back you get back atk dmg, but counter still works only from the front. Afaik.


Yes, it is global patch, however i dont know if we got full patch from KR version or bit better

yes, you are right. i just mean not too major damage because i usually only use it for counter, not for damage from back .

like that you do more dmg while you are backattacking, which you obv do as backattack class. But when you are infront of the boss you can still counter him. Its a good change cant see a problem.

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It was already a Back Attack. All they did with Sky Shattering Blow was remove its Front Attack. It had both properties on Wardancer/Striker. It will now deal less damage and Stagger damage when used as a Counter, but it was swept up with all the other Front/Backs that got standardized by class.

oh f, guess i got that wrong. ahhh i was reading the part below too, but thats another skill lol

you are not wrong, i mean may be make it front only not back only still make sense right? because basicly we use that skill for counter from front, or fill the meter esoteric and the skill dont have much damage anyway. at least for me… or may be i use the skill wrong

still better to get the same nerfs and buffs now with korean servers, so the shocks won’t be as hard

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Most of the time you are attacking from the back so its just something to make it do a little more damage since almost the only time you use it from the front is when countering.

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I feel like a lot of the “from front to back” changes on counter skills is to just make them more usable and give players more decision making.

“should i use this for damage, or do i know a counter window is coming up so i save it”

Rewards players who learn boss patterns with more damage and increased crit chance on the ability. (unless im wrong about the crit increase with back mod)


a lot of counter skills changed from FRONT to BACK attacks, likely to make them more “dps” focused.
Pretty stupid honestly, they could have changed them to Front & Back attacks instead