Is this support ? Please check the timestamps

You are now connected to Charlie from

Me [12:35:40 PM] : Issue: Lost Ark - Account: Something Else

Charlie [12:35:42 PM] : Hello, my name is Charlie. I’m here to help you today.

Me [12:35:46 PM] : Hello

Con [12:35:50 PM] : Hello, my name is Con. I’m here to help you today. Are you contacting us about Lost Ark or New World?

Con [12:36:00 PM] : Lost ark

Con [12:36:12 PM] : so who are you Con or Charlie ?

Charlie [12:36:35 PM] : I am Charlie

Charlie [12:36:41 PM] : How may i help?

Me [12:36:46 PM] : and there is also a Con :smiley:

Me [12:37:07 PM] : are you making fun of me ? anyway, i was wondering why my ban appeal has not been answered in over a week

Me [12:37:35 PM] : Char name Vaishravena, EU Central Brelashaza server

Charlie [12:36:41 PM] : I do not mean to rush you but we’ve been idle for 2 minutes, and I want to make sure our chat’s still connected. If you aren’t able to respond in 2 minutes, this chat will be closed.

Charlie [12:38:12 PM] : I am sorry to hear that, well ban appeals are handled by another team, which is the mod team

Charlie [12:38:34 PM] : I am unable to access to the information regarding bans

Me [12:38:59 PM] : but you can instead check if the case is under review or closed

Me [12:39:11 PM] : that’s what your colleagues did before you.

Me [12:39:24 PM] : i wouldn’t contact you otherwise

Charlie [12:39:29 PM] : I am sorry i am unable to

Charlie [12:39:36 PM] : I don’t have access

Charlie [12:39:43 PM] : I can check the emails sent

Charlie [12:39:45 PM] : Thanks for contacting Amazon Gaming Support. Please click the “End Chat” to end this conversation. Stay safe! Happy Gaming and See you in Arkesia.

Charlie [12:39:52 PM] : To see if they are under review

Con has left the conversation.

Me [12:40:00 PM] : maybe your colleague Con

at end, i could not reply anymore.

Con has left the conversation.

A very good example of a zero value “support”. :o(

Hello @brolibestftw

Hope you are doing great! A big apologize about this experience you had over the chatt support surely the interaction from my peer was confusing as your example shows.
As i can see the reason you contacted was about your ban appeal that has not been solved. Unfortunately over the forum service we do not have acces to this information it is restricted to the moderation team and the way to contact them is by the following link:

I understand this can be frustrating but is the only way to contact them at the time also the amount of cases can delay your resolution.

Best wishes hero!