Is this the quality of F2P games vs subscriptions based games?

Last two weeks - we have seen multiple reports of players disconnecting in Lost Ark, a game that is only available to play online. These disconnections are causing individual players and whole groups obvious issues, ranging from multiple wipes - to players losing out on weekly gated content.

So far - AGS and SG have not been aknowledging the huge effects of these obvious connection issues that are caused by the Easy Anti-cheat software based on the errors. These errors have been showing up more and more after the last two updates without proper respond from the Publisher to what is causing it.

So I will simply give feedback here - and ask for a proper response from the Publisher.

What is going on?

Why has this not been fixed?

Why is it considered to be acceptable that thousands of players are disconnecting from your game every single hour without even a proper response from AGS what is being done to prevent it?

Is this really what F2P gaming quality is all about?

Nothing to do with f2p vs b2p/sub.


The title and last sentence devalutes his fair complain.
He still has time to edit it tho. Its not too late.
People dont realise that if you lose composure and get mad, you will only hurt whatever case you have.

Personally - I’m not mad. I can understand players that are.

I will not edit this cause LOST ARK is right now showing everyone that F2P is not about actual service for the game. It’s about making the most money for the least amount of effort. And that is probably how AGS/GS can justify the current DC situation.

The (successful) subscription-based games of today have survived the test of time, but don’t forget many have fallen along the way.
Now, because F2P MMOs have a different business model, and because of its power-law like behavior, they tend to die faster (inequality breaks equilibrium → economy collapses → power kreep solutions → next), so the comparison wouldn’t be fair or ideal.
Critical mistakes often smells like lack of experience, reduced team, bad communication, bureaucracy…

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I mean it’s actually been more like 6 months but i’ll grant that it has been effecting more players as of late… AGS have been “Looking into it” and “Collecting additional information” for months on end with 0 progress. In fact as more players are being effected almost daily I would argue that the problem has gotten considerably worse. They have no clue what is causing this instability but odds are very high that it has to do with the Geo-blocking that they have been slowly rolling out. Thousands of reports and an ungodly amount of information collected and we are still at square 1.

I don’t really believe that this has anything to do with the fact that it is a F2P game. It’s more an issue with the companies behind the game. Neither of them seem to want to pony up and hire a team that would actually be capable of hunting down the cause of the instability and then fixing it. AGS certainly have the budget for it. Can’t speak for SGRs budget but considering this game is like their baby you would think that this is something that they would want to get fixed, as it reflects VERY poorly on them.

Well - legit players are affected by restrictions to prevent Bots and illegal use of the game. That is how F2P is directly damaging the experience of the community. Most of those legit players would actually pay sub for proper support for the game. Instead - there is ZERO chance they spend any money right now when DC is so rampant.

Did not play a single group so far this week in EU C where some1 hasn’t dced in group content. Up too 4 at the same time. ALL with EAC errors. And those players were not cheating.