Is this too simple of a fix for BOT and RMT?

This may just be too dang simple and impact other aspects of the game I have not yet gained access to, but why don’t they remove the code that allows /follow to prevent bot trains? For the RMT, why not make it so gold cannot be mailed, only earned through standard game play and purchase from the store? Players can still make game money though the auction house and gold earned can be instantly deposited in the account, circumventing the need to Mail the payment. AGS/SG still makes money (likely more money) through the game store, multi machine BOT trains get reduced as now a live person will have to move the toons.

Flame away everyone!

99% of RMT gold is traded via auction house, not mail…mail is too easy to track and revealing.

Well there you go! My ignorance shines :laughing:

One thing to remember about anything related to software development is that if it was easy to do it’d already be done.

If I was to guess I would assume that the bots interact with the game using macros to emulate actual keyboard input. I don’t think there’s any code that could be removed that would stop a bot’s ability to interact with the game.

And someone already mentioned that most transfers take place via the AH, so I don’t need to talk about that.

Other than going after gold buyers, which AGS/Smilegate seem unwilling to do, they only option they have left is to lockdown character creation on every server and manually remove RMT/Bot accounts.

Really though? I don’t think they care. Smilegate’s recent press release about how well our version of the game is doing communicates that pretty well. Run this through google translate and see for yourself: