Is this true that we are gonna have an ark pass for the august patch?

title question naturalent

even if we were its far more likely ags would only tell us a few days before the patch.

and none of the normal ppl on the forums (myself included) can possibly know if an ark pass is coming.

you are free to ask but its very unlikely a CM is going too be given the green light to tell us something like that a week ahead of the patch.

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No Ark Pass for August

well they told no honing buff so we don’t really know till the last minute

We won’t even have a real update and you want an ark pass ?

First visit of the Forum today Instant negative comment in Front of my eyes :relieved:

its not negative D:

its realistic ._.

they didnt tell us about the t1/t2 and 1370 honing buff until like a day or so before that patch. we only knew about the last ark pass because they showed off a skin in a trailer the week of the patch.

we have 6 more days until the patch. we’d be lucky to get any real information before next tuesday

exactly that’s possible,
so i kept researching that’s a guy who said that’s atk who leaked that but couldn’t find the clip of it

Someone linked one of my earlier posts above, but I can re-confirm that Ark Pass is not included as a part of the August Update.


im not sayin its possible that its coming. im simply saying that none of us have any way to know either way lol

plus roxx has said (before and just above me) that the ark pass isnt coming out in august.

what about the September update?

Ark passes aren’t common, Kr had 3 since game release, don’t expect them every 3 months

That’s… literally not true. Firstly, that’s just a misleading statement itself, since the 1st ark pass was in July 2021, but secondly, there have been 4. Elgacia pass was literally an ark pass without the name. One every 3 months and we got one in april. Should’ve got one in july too but we didn’t.