Is US servers still down?

Once I boot up the game the US West server are empty? I was playing last few days and have founder pack.

Seems like they are still down. Hoping they will be up soon as I have some friends who didn’t get the founders pack and are eagerly waiting to play.

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Hello @Spenzer
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Here is the info about the currently issue:

My apologies for the inconvenence.

Is there an ETA?

Unfortunately to date, there have been no ETA’s offered for any of their multiple issues. They’re remaining consistent with that thus far.

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Welp i actually had the day off and got up early to play, not much after “server going down for 4 hours downtime” that was around 7 hours ago

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Same for me as well. Had today off and woke up early and was ready to do a full day of grinding…ah well.

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