Is wild wing island extended?

It says in the patch note the event is extended. Im fairly certain its referring to the daily login bonus. But I just want to make sur eso i know if i need to quickly use all my event honing books. Is wild wing extended or no?

@Roxx said it’s not extended :cry:

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Let it end please it is one boring event, next event!

Boring Event with its almost free mats > no event :man_shrugging:


Yea i dont even do the chicken event, i jus do the regular quest catching chicken for 200 point and my daily una task for my 6 alts and thats enough for weekly reset :joy:

They extended it last week so they can do it if they wish to but apparently they don’t, you know : we are 2 weeks late on schedule, we don’t bother communicate about it until the very last minute like always since the game launched so why would we care about that ?

At this point, it begins to be a bit pathetic how little effort and care they put in it.

They annouce it before reset, why annouce it early when theres bound for mistake.

So no juicy vendor to clean out at all this week? :frowning:

Bah and here i was thinking the game slowed down when they stopped running 2 events at once.

Kill the chickens, worst event ever…

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