Is Yoz Jar removed because of possible regulation or complaining?

Yoz Jar is like lvl 10 Gems

Not everyone’s going to be able to afford lvl 10 Gem or it’ll take very long time to get all lvl 10 Gems.

Just because only few people can obtain lvl 10 Gem doesn’t mean you have to remove it.

I will never make enough money to buy Ferrari, doesn’t mean I don’t want to see Ferrari on road. Whenever I see Ferrari or Lamborghini on road I go “Damn those are nice cars, must be nice to own it”

Only a twisted individual would go "I can’t afford that Car, Government need to outlaw possession of all Luxury Goods. If some whales want to spent $5000 to get full set of Legendary Skin let them, we can still benefit from left over from whales selling royal crystals and buying skins on market for us to maybe eventually obtain legendary skin.

But it does seem it’s too late expect legendary skin in NA/EU version now…