Island PvP(Adventure Island)

Can someone please explain to me how this works. I understand it is player vs player, but I cannot find any other information about this.

I have setup a combat skills tab for PvP but not sure if (1)skill runes works…I take it that is doesn’t work…but who knows. Does (2)skill trees have effects on your Island PvP build…(3)are you limited to 340 skill points like in your Book of coordination…but you can pick as many as you want…(4)how are we being scaled, does it take your current stats, because Book of coordination you get to allocate 1000 points.

I seem to die extremely fast and dont feel like I am doing enough damage and I am 1445 ilvl…There is no clear indication how some of these rules work…but asking now for myself instead of getting a “I think so” answer. Just a straight answer to 4 questions is all I want.

Hello @Pudgeeeee,

Thank you for your questions regarding PVP Islands. Here are your answers:

1- Skill Runes do not have any effect in PVP Islands.
2- The build you are using while actually running around the island, along with your skill tree, is what is in effect during your time in that island.
3 and 4- These do not use the book of coordination and they aren’t normalized either. This means that if you access them at a lower level, you can potentially be one-hit by a higher leveled player.

Hope this clarifies your doubts and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: