Island quests done but want to change mains

I have all the resources from all the island quests for item honing and such but would really like to switch mains. Is there any way to exchange or upgrade my new mains items?

Not realy, but if you didn’t, finish the Tower on your actual main and do it again with your future main, it will give a decent amount of material.
Also before doing the switch i would suggest to upgrade your stronghold until you get the reduction on cost and higher chance of honing T1 it will help.
And check the material roster bound if you got some, these are transferable using the roster inventory.

Edit: you don’t have to upgrade the stronghold just to put your first char to T2 actually.

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So a popular korean streamer named zealsambition is actually pretty well known for how often he changes mains. And how much real life currency hes spent on the game just switching characters. In his advice he says its best to switch mains at the start of a new tier so your not wasting materials. He also said its best to just get your first character to tier 3 wether you like it or not because it will make all of your subsequent characters way stronger in the long run. Plus not all of the classes are out yet.

Im currently in this boat. For me wardancer is an ok class but i have a lot more fun playing on my blade. And i played lance master for a bit in ru server so i know im gonna enjoy that class. With all that said im going to get my wardancer to t3 first, then focus on my other classes.

I am also in this boat, got my Wardancer to 460 using the 5 or 6 initials islands for mats, then decided to switch after watching some streamers saying how easy it is to switch and catch up. Finished Rohendel last night on my new main and bought out Mari’s store and only had enough mats to get to 480. currently farming dungeons, raids and the tower on 4 characters, but realistically class swapping is quite a hindrance and wall and shouldn’t be done lightly as it completely stops you from progressing for a very long time… here’s to having fun