Island Soul Pity System

Around 50% of all available island souls involve some sort of RNG whether it’s hoping it will drop from a monster or non-combat activities.

The idea that the designers and developers behind the island soul concept had the expectation for players to invest a lot of time undertaking this task in hopes of obtaining all the RNG island souls is fine. However, I would like to point out that this relies heavily on the concept of luck / RNG + it is not very rewarding aside from the completionist mindset.

Players can keep repeating the same action to obtain said RNG island soul whether it’s from taking down monsters or non-combat activities, but frustration will build up eventually for the vast majority if it hasn’t already in regards to island souls because…

  1. Of a different mentality the West player base has compared to the East which this
    was originally designed for
  2. A player can spend one, five or even ten years not getting an island soul even if
    they attempt it every day or spend hundreds to thousands of hours.
  3. Once again, it’s not very rewarding. Players could have spend the time grinding for
    their desired RNG island soul in endless chaos dungeon and that would be far
    more rewarding for their invested time because they actually get something in
    return that has value to it compared to a RNG island soul that has a high
    possibility of not dropping resulting in nothing gain/no rewards.

TLDR: The point is to get island souls at a moderate pace and then return to the true grinding in chaos dungeons on various alt classes to make the experience vary.

First couple of runs on islands are enjoyable after its first encounter, but I question whether or not if it’s really necessary to be on an island that doesn’t reward the players’ time to how it was spent.

Possible Solution: Lost Ark already has the honing pity system so that can be used as a reference to create an island soul pity system OR just draw the maximum line of how many times a player should run through a island that involves its soul requiring some sort of RNG from drops of a monster to non-combat activities. Once they reach that threshold, then it would 100% drop. Also, if they get lucky, then they would just get the drop ahead of time just like how in honing players save mats if they get lucky or build up their artisan energy to 100%.

Apologies for not being more concise, but I hope this is clear enough to at least be considered to be implemented for some QoL in regards to saving time/island souls.


I have been doing lot of Adventure Island and I will say, looks like they are all bugged, some of them I did over 20 times and nothing to drop Island Soul.

I will say it again, the harder it is, doesn’t mean it’s fun, if it’s pointless and you don’t think is working correctly or the drop rate is too low, you stop caring, and some of the things hold players doing all activities in the game it’s because they care and like to do horizontal content. If only vertical content will be what you will focus on because you don’t care more about horizontal content, I will play 40 min in my main and play another game.

AGS, stop thinking the harder is the same proportional as the fun, maybe for those who are masochists, but for normal people with life it’s not.

It’s not Island Souls, I remember killing Tarsila boss since the start of the server, I killed her over 20 times and stop to trying because I don’t care anymore because I know will not drop, and never drop the care, last week I get finally the card for a pack of cards, this is not a good feeling, it’s like a bitter pill, it’s not pleasant and it’s a dealbreaker.

It’s just an artificial way of prolonging the play time. Also the more times you have to visit an island the more other people you’ll encounter making the game feel alive.

If everyone got the token after a certain number of tries some islands would be impossible to complete, like e.g. Spida island is nowadays most of the times when there is only a handful of players and not enough time to crack all the eggs.

It’s just a cheap tactic implemented because game designers aren’t talented enough to come up with anything interesting. Like Isle of Yearning that has a 1% chance to drop a bag that has a 1% chance to drop the island token. That’s just absurd but I guess some people enjoy doing the same mindless activity for 100 hours.

This game is the definition of RNG on top of RNG being time gated so don’t expect them to change anything.

Personally, I do not have any expectations as this was originally just a suggestion to implement a pity system in regards to island souls.

It’s fine if they want to use this artificial way of prolonging play time, but the concept behind the pity system was to add a safety feature that ensures players will get it after a long-term amount of attempts. For example, if the pity system was enabled, then after say 360 attempts, a player will 100% get the soul. If they were lucky, then they would have gotten it earlier.

Islands that would be impossible to complete like Spida island would just require more coordination whether it’s on the players’ part on asking friends/guildmates or on the developers part to adjust it accordingly if need be.

It’s once again fine for this game to be the definition of RNG on RNG, but adding pity systems is more of a quality of life thing imo. They already did it for armor/weapons so why not entertain the idea of branching it off to RNG related content whether its island souls or adventure tome collectables.

People could spend the time on other content that would reward them better on time spent such as infinite chaos or doing abyss card runs on 6 characters or lifeskilling and etc.

I completely agree. I wasn’t denouncing what you said, quite the contrary. I just wrote my take on this artificial grind. I myself have done some islands far too many times without any drops and ended up just giving up on them. I ignore the Spida island when it comes up now simply because there is zero fun in redoing it for the 20th time. It’s a stupid system and I’m not going to its victim.

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I think slightly differently. I believe the point is do the true grinding and whatever you enjoy, then get island souls and work on other horizontal content when you have time or want a change of pace.

Many players takes pity in honing for granted, but it’s a nice system to guarantee progress.
Progress is not as mandatory for horizontal content, so I personally don’t think it needs pity.

I would like this just so I don’t have to spend forever on these awful PvP islands that are infested with Sorc players. Some of these PvP islands are impossible to start because nobody wants to do them lol. If people are showing up to hit someone once and then afking for the rest of the event so they can get a soul, then it’s clearly not very good content.

I somewhat agree with your points, but when I think of grinding, then I think you should be getting something of value out of it.

Grinding in endless chaos would reward materials to exchange for honing materials
Lifeskilling grinding would reward in stronghold materials to craft related stuff or to sell for gold
Grinding for island souls would reward you with items already set that offers no real value off the top of my head.

The difference between the first two vs the last one is that there is objectively a nice return for time spent whereas the last one is somewhat lacking. I think I was trying to help save peoples’ time so they could focus on activities that would reward them accordingly to their time spent/ QoL. Ultimately, just a suggestion for developers, but I think this post would align with those with a somewhat completionist side of them

The tooki king does not grant me his soul, but I did others where I got it first try.

That being said, I feel that they could do a lot more with islands content. I do get various drops on them but they are completely useless, as the vendor does not offer anything useful. :upside_down_face:

I don’t get. It seems like most of the forum users are new to concept of MMO genre and are expecting to get everything in first few weeks. This game is meant to be here for years. It needs content like this to get ppl involved.

I understand that some of the content might feel pointless, too grindy or just not fun, but that is part of the genre. If the game is not fun for you now, what are you going to do in few months, when we “catch up” to KR and new content will be released two or three times per year?

I don’t think people are expecting to get everything in the first few weeks. I can understand that this game is meant to here for a very long time, but I would argue that people objectively do not care to much about horizontal content. The content the vast majority of players want is content like abyss raids, abyss dungeons or something with more mechanics/fresh like the Naruni race.

Island soul pity system imo is more of a qol thing to ensure people will eventually get it after a moderate amount such as 360 days if people/developers subjectively find that number ok.

If players rely solely on RNG with no real protections whatsoever, then theoretically they could never get the RNG item even if they spend 100 years with countless hours spent doing it.

I understand what you’re talking about, but I’m a half full glass kind of guy, there is also chance that next time you visit the island, the token will drop for you. The RNG sucks for a most part, but for horizontal content, it just doesn’t make sense to make pitty system.
At least from my point of view.

Honestly I think you should get a point or something on top of a chance at rng but the points would be redeemable for any island soul. That way, if theres any like the PVP islands or RNG that are very hard to complete, you can eventually buy it if you are taking part in other islands.

This would help keep some events active in the future but also provide a sort of pity for if any island souls are hard to come by.

Many players see horizontal content as something you have to grind for. I only do it when I feel like it. It’s something always available and accessible when I have time.

I don’t think there is any content locked behind horizontal content’s rng. While there are plenty of content locked behind ilvl progression. That’s why pity for honing is important.

I do think a mild pity system (like 1% increase) for a failed acquisition on an island adventure for the soul/map would help a lot. A place like Walgruis instance with an increase like 0.1% per run would still be appreciated knowing each run increased the chance of the future runs…

I have yet to have 1 island adventure via compass to drop their island token since the game launched. My frustration in the sheer rng nature of completing the island tokens is actually making me think of quitting the game so yes a qol pity timer will make alot of my frustration in this go away