Island times are incorrect (when hovering)!

Island times seem to be incorrect across the board when hovering over them. In the alert panel that is in the top left of the screen the times are correct, but on the actual icons it’s wrong. Hopefully that can get fixed soon as it is incredibly confusing.


To make a note on this. The times themselves are correct. The clock in the top left is incorrect. I am currently in EST and it is showing the EST time but saids EDT. The difference between EDT and EST is 1 whole hour.

Example from few moments ago: It said it would be at 5:20 so I waited and 5:20 came and nothing. The reason is technically the server was 6:20.

For me the clock in the top left is CET, which is my time and it is 100% correct. Like it is perfectly synced with the alert panel, but not with the island hover prompt.

There is definitely something not syncing up properly.

Just had an issue with this on the same island. A group of us were sitting there as the timer counted down. Event didn’t trigger across multiple (probably all) channels. Timer reset to two hour countdown about a minute or two after the original expired.

seen 6 people trying to do lullaby island today because of the timer on the map being incorrect. Also in EUC