Isle of Yearning does not drop soul

After hours and hours of kills of the required enemy, I’ve never even seen the box drop. If it’s a 1% chance to drop, then you’d expect around 100 kills to see at least one. So the “1%” chance is broken. Based on what people have reported elsewhere, it looks like the 1% chance inside the box for the soul to drop is also broken.

Reportedly only 0.05% of koreans have this soul.

The drop rate is clearly broken and needs to be fixed.

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As far as I know the drop rate is not published anywhere. All we know is the drop rate is extremely low, and it’s intended to be.


Never expect to get this Island soul and you won’t be disappointed. The vast majority of players will never see the Island Bag, let alone the soul.

I usually farm for this token 30 min a day after im done with the dailies etc.
Like a lottery ticket, suddently it happens :wink:

it’s around 0.05% chance to drop the bag & after that don’t know how low it is to get island soul. Even in korea player base it’s very rare to see people with the soul.

Been farming yearning for about 10 hours a day, usually average 3-4 bags before the end averagely after each session, and opened 132 bags and still don’t have this yet

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Youre not yearning hard enough

I would think it would have a higher chance to drop especially for those that do it repetitive. LIke i have been doing spida island and omg its frustrating
the map doesn’t drop. I’m close to 100 tries and nothing. Like c’mon.

Its just rng thats all

i’m at around 950 hours and 149 bags and still don’t have it, just hoping i will eventually its never guaranteed no matter how many times its performed its just expected by a certain amount.