Isle of Yearning has become more toxic

Some Background Information

At this point, many players have obtained every available island soul except the Yearning Island Soul and possibly some of the 1-a-day chance adventure islands; I’m not including the Vairgrys Island soul since it’s currently made impossible by the devs.

So this situation naturally leads to more players trying their luck at the infamous Isle of Yearning. On the island there are only two spawns for the Slow Turtle Captain every 45 seconds which has a VERY rare chance of dropping Setino’s Secret Bag (which VERY rarely contains the island soul).

This normally isn’t an issue except that drops from non-field bosses are split between all participants in combat based on contribution (% damage dealt of the total monster’s HP) and split evenly among members of a party.

For reference, I have extensively tested that experience points, quantity of silver piles, and quantity of potions dropped by the Slow Turtle Captain is indeed affected by this split contribution. If you want to test for yourself, the monster grants 180 exp, 5-6 piles of silver, and 2 potions with every solo kill, every time (less if you’re above level 57). The Setino’s Secret Bag is a separate drop in the list and does not replace any of the other items.

Thus, to maximize my chances of obtaining a Setino’s Secret Bag, I naturally will prefer to not be in a party and deal as much damage to the Slow Turtle Captain as possible to maximize my contribution relative to others. My build includes the Pre-emptive Strike engraving with enough firepower to always 1-shot the monster upon its appearance. I’ve even timed it perfectly such that the monster dies on the frame it spawns consistently! (The explosion fireball’s hitbox is in range of the monster at the instant the monster is vulnerable).

Naturally, other players are extremely upset that I essentially take all the kills and leave them with nothing! Of course, they’re welcome to camp the other spawn point but I’ve been told that it becomes crowded (no one wants to compete with me after I snipe the monster over and over with 100% contribution).

I’ve been threatened to be reported for playing the game optimally this way (1-shotting the monster upon spawn)!

I want to farm this island soul on my off time while waiting for other events, but I don’t want to be at risk of getting banned for playing because of what some players call unfair. I agree, it’s a cheap tactic but well within the parameters of the game! I do not bot, I am 100% at my computer the whole time and I even converse with these other players.

To help ease the situation I propose some ideas for the developers:

  1. Make the island solo-instanced (akin to Promise Isle or Illusion Bamboo Island). This means there is zero competition and anyone can farm this island to their heart’s desire.
  2. Increase the number of spawns of the Slow Turtle Captain from 2 to about 10. This isn’t a great fix though since if more players adopt my playstyle, we’re back to square one.
  3. Redesign the loot distribution rules for non-field bosses such that all participants get the same chance (not based on party size or damage dealt). At the very least, do this for this one monster.
  4. Adjust the drop rates for Setino’s Secret Bag and the island soul within. Of course, this is wishful thinking as the developers likely have no intention of changing this EXTREMELY rare acquisition rate. However, it would fix the issue as once a player gets the drop, they will no longer compete with others.

As an aside, Argon, Kalthertz, and Outlaw islands have similar issues in that players can be disrupted by others in their competition for the island soul or other desired items. These islands also require redesign to prevent griefing others. I will leave discussion of those islands for another topic.

Thank you for reading and I appreciate the developers effort on making this game a great one! I don’t want these island blemishes to ruin the gameplay experience for myself or others.


If the bag is a separate drop list, how do you know that everyone in a party wouldn’t get it? The rest of the loot is irrelevant. As such, the ideal solution is everyone one taps. Which will likely not work in our part of the world with griefers. On the topic of those players, Maxroll says that in KR people would line up for the Outlaw chests. This would never happen here. I would not change Outlaw or Kalthertz though, they are fine if unpleasant at times. Argon griefing on the other hand feels really bad.

That said, this is an age old problem of spawn camping. Not many games tackle this issue or successfully. But, I did not realise that Illusion Bamboo was not shared. Which is neat. That seems like a great solution.

Only fools waste their time on this island anyway.


I agree lucky me I was there 3 times and dropped this extra ultra rare orb pretty fast… but when I read that ppl spend there hours or they are dumb or addicted dunno same like ppl who waste 45 mins to break barricades and get 1 mokoko xd.

Can confirm that everyone in the party does not get the bag drop. If it drops, only one member gets it. I’ve never received a bag, but seen it drop for others in my party. It’s disheartening lol so just don’t party up there.

It’s the same like every other world boss. Not everyone gets the same drops.

You should party up so you don’t have to pay close attention at all times.

And you should split between spawns. The loot still drops for everyone in the party even if you’re not close, then you rotate every 10 minutes or so and pick up the loot from the other spot.

I agree lucky me I was there 3 times and dropped this extra ultra rare orb pretty fast… but when I read that ppl spend there hours or they are dumb or addicted dunno same like ppl who waste 45 mins to break barricades and get 1 mokoko xd.

To put it into perspective, you’re about as lucky as if you one-tap your weapon from +20 to +25.

Isle of Yearning is so much more about networking & catching up on Audio Books than the Soul.

When I get the soul I wont’ know what to do. Maybe it’ll be today, maybe it’ll be in 3 years.

I am on Book #3 of Sanderson’s Misborn trilogy, bro can write.


Please understand that I have tested that the loot is still split among party and the more damage you deal to it. Therefore it stands to reason that the bag drop follows the same rule. If we can get official confirmation on how the bag drops, that would be great. @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

All this time farming Yearning and you don’t know how the loot works. You have the same chances of getting the bag if you just hit the mob once but what you are doing when you one shot the mob is negating the chances of the rest of the players farming it.

Reportable? For sure not.

Ethical? Of course not.


You only tested on exp, silver, etc. You never tested on a bag - you’re jumping to conclusions. You have no evidence to counter the point that you can still get a bag from a party member killing a separate spawn.

What you’re doing isn’t reportable but I would definitely block you for being a self-justified/arrogant unethical person.


Last I checked, there isn’t an official word on this, so please stop with the sarcastic remarks.

And I’m basing my hypothesis on those other loot items. You have no evidence of the contrary either.

Well, excuse me for playing the game to win. I will stop doing this method of farming if I can get an official source stating the bag is a special drop that is independent.

If there isn’t an official word why are you treating this mob different? You could be reported since you are preventing others to complete the event.


And hence the purpose of this topic. I want an official word on the issue so the threats stop.

You are one shotting an event npc, preventing all the people waiting there to kill him from getting any contribution and a chance to get the bag.

If you need an official statement that you are doing something wrong you have issues.


Typical person who thinks they’re smart and logical but isn’t. Simple likelihood - if bag drop rate is a function of how much damage you do to it why is it that you can still get bags at 0 damage?

If you have 0 individual contribution but party contribution … doesn’t that disprove your theory? Unless you’re insinuating that there is a base drop rate at 0 contribution and it goes up with the damage you do.

Even if there was a base drop rate with scaling based on damage done, you have 0 evidence or proof that what you’re doing is more optimal since you have no data on the rates.

And as the other poster mentioned if we draw parallels between how other loot systems work (bananas in Punika, etc) with higher drop rates then it’s clear that there isn’t a scaling influence based on damage done. Just ask anyone who does tome farm, your party member can kill monsters that drop much more food items for you than the monsters you’re killing yourself.

It’s all about likelihood, more likely your assumptions is wrong. Checked your posts, clearly a tryhard selfish completionist player. I also do horizontals (pretty much maxed out except bounties/souls at 42/87 respectively) but I don’t try to make it unenjoyable for others. You sound like a player who would grief everyone on Argon to maximize your own chance of getting the soul.


If all of this is speculation, then more people would lean towards the side that advocates for party up for every kill giving a chance at a drop of a bag regardless or not someone hits the mob or not…

For example, take for instance those chaos gate maps.
If 4 people enter one instance, but by the time they reach the boss - only 3 people have hit it while one hasn’t and the boss goes down, wouldn’t what you say mean the 4th person that hasn’t hit the boss wouldn’t get any of the drops?

Afaik, that isn’t how it currently works so even if a party member hasn’t hit the mob/boss by the time it died, they would still receive the drop rewards in that chaos gate map instance. So, using this as the precedent, it stands that people should party up in Yearning.

I agree with this. This person thinks that by collecting any sort of data, it justifies their assumptions. Bad data tells you nothing. The only data that would have mattered is actual bag drop rate data which is hard to collect.

Hypotheses based on bad evidence that doesn’t support the hypotheses

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I think this thread is derailing from the topic and filling with toxicity. Please leave these comments out.

You are in a party for those maps. Within a party, only 1 person needs to tag it.

Please stop. I stated my ideas are HYPOTHESES, not FACTS, based on EVIDENCE.

So if people are in a party in Yearning, then only one person needs to tag it so you can have 2 people at one spawn point and 2 people at the others tagging their respective spawns and rotating to see if a bag drops or not.


True, but the loot you get is split in the party. So less silver, exp, and potions. Also, if you barely tag it, the amount it drops is very low of those items. Hence my working hypothesis that it applies to the bag too.