Isle of Yearning needs to be updated

Island Token Acquisition

Desperation Isle Token is one of the most difficult Island Tokens to acquire.

  • It has two stages of RNG you must get through
  • The drop rate for each stage is abysmally low.
  • The 1st stage requires you to kill Slow Turtle Captain for a chance to get Setino’s Secret Bag.
  • The 2nd stage is the additional RNG chance of the bag containing the Desperation Isle Token.
  • There are 2 possible spawn locations for Slow Turtle Captain.
  • The respawn time for the monster is 45 seconds.

I have talked with other people out here farming for this and we almost all have the same story… 100s of kills… maybe 3 chests in all those hours with no token in sight.

This isn’t even fun at this point, it’s just garbage game design.

This needs to be reworked to remove the second stage of RNG all together and just have the Island Token drop instead of the chest. Even then the Token would take hours on average of killing an elite mob that spawns every 45sec. However, I could work with that… but this backhanded slap in the face of getting a chest after hours of farming, to have nothing in it is the perfect metaphor for everything this game stands for “Hours of Effort / 0 - Reward”

The longer you play this game, the more you see that the entire Dev team started in the Cellphone Gaming Industry.


I guess that’s the way it is. I have several hundreds of kills on this npc and I have never seen it drop for me or anyone else who was farming with me. I guess that’s one island soul that is farmed if it’s the last one missing (excluding Chuo or whatever that impossible to kill boss’ name is)

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