Isle of yearning

Is Ise of Yearing buged? many people been trying to farm it for hours like 5hrs+ what not and they haven’t even seen a single bag dropped and again its not even guarantee you will even get the soul from the bag.


I think it’s just very very difficult RNG. Are you killing the mob every 45 seconds or is there competition?

I have been farming this monster for 37 hours in total and I have yet to get a bag drop myself. I have seen 2 people get the bag.

It is possibly the rarest token in the game, only 0.05% of players on Korea have it.

Oh wow that’s insane.

there are korean players who have been farming it for over 2 years, 600+ bags. its a 1% drop for the bag, then a 1% drop for the token.

its literally the hardest drop rate in the game.


Been doing this island and killing the boss for 4 days nothing, drop rate is terrible worse than the solo dungeons.

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THAT kind of RNG should be forbidden!
I won’t buy or activate a crystal aura until this is done. Because that would be a waste of Crystal Aura!

Been at this for 1 1/2 months, nearly 700 hours and 132 bags in and still don’t have it this is definitely not a 1% / 1% droprate

End-endgame stuff. Even korean players doesn’t have it after multiple years. Leave it for last. Or just leave it.

Yeah, this darn thing has a ridiculously low drop rate. Having to go through 2 RNG hoops is beyond stupid. Just making it 1 RNG to drop directly from the pirate would be better.

they should add a pity system on the island soul

Just leave the game already if this is making you rage. Jesus christ, how entitled. Something not going your way? Poor you. Need to finish everything fast, so you can stop playing the game? It’s an MMO, so either you still play it after years or you stop after couple months - one single collectible won’t make you leave, so stop acting like it does all of a sudden.

Just as an FYI: You’re not supposed to stand for hours there and farm. That’s the definition of insanity (repeating the same and expecting a different result).

Set a bifrost on the island and everytime you log in daily, port, kill a mob, and port away to do your daily stuff. It’s a long time commitment island soul and it’s supposed to be RNG. Don’t force it, just play around it. There’s no need to collect it within a short time, the game will live for years. You’ll never have 100% completion rate, and even if, it won’t make your life automatically better, nor won’t it make you all of a sudden happy. It’s the journey, not the destination.

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It’s somewhere like a 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 1,000,000 chance per kill (since it’s double layer RNG).

If it’s 1% out of 1% then the chances should be around 1/10000. I’ve heard of a few others who got it too recently so I wouldn’t say the odds are that absurdly low.

Regardless of the actual droprate, this island is one of the worst-designed. I have a long thread about it with suggestions:

Last one that i know of that dropped on Regulus about 2 months ago is my friends got it in like 18 bags, i’m 160 bags deep and about 1k hours now and still don’t have it

You need more Annika lucky pouches.