Isn't causing queues bad for bots

I was just thinking and aren’t queues bad for bots. If they are actually clogging queues, doesn’t that simply remove their customers from accessing the game and ultimately lose them money? I know it most likely isn’t just one group of botters, but I feel like a business model in this case causes them to actually lose money. Having a certain amount of bots to player ratio that allows the players to still access the game and purchase from them would provide the the highest profit. I feel like increasing bot count past a certain point loses them profits instead of gains.

I am not an RMTer. Haven’t dropped a single cent into the game unless you include Amazon Prime as paying for this game in particular, but just a thought.

PS. You might see that I have a hard time articulating things, but I tried my best to explain my thought process and the questions that came up.

um it’s worse for the player… who cares about the bots?

I just feel like it’s stupid for them too cause problems for the playerbase. I feel like a faster response could come from the botters themselves than amazon attempting to do ban waves.

The difference is, bots can sit in a queue no problem as they essentially have no time limit. If it takes 2 hours for them to get in, it takes 2 hours and then they are in full time.

Players on the other hand don’t have the luxury of time. You either have IRL things going on, limited playtime, etc AND you have a point where you have to log off due to sleep/work/school, etc.

To the bot, a queue is no problem since they don’t care about time, players DO care about time and have time limits.

I was mainly thinking about profits for bots. It seems stupid for them to lock out their potential customers with bots. They should understand that their customer base has restricted time, usually, to access the game. Allowing them to play the game instead of sitting in queue and with their already limited time will bring in profits because many players would like to progress as fast as possible. With a significantly cheaper USD to gold ratio (I calculated about a 300 Gold gap per $1 from one site to AGS) it baits those who feel rushed to pay, with the cheaper option. Profitwise it doesn’t make sense. I thought about profits, because like you stated they don’t care about the playerbase or their time. The only thing that matters for them is money and they are losing out on potential money.