Isn't it time for some constructive feedback for Lost Ark?

Um… I see xD Sorry i made the post then, didnt catch onto this.

I think it is more like they are less willing to fundamentally change the honing percentage right now, which would affect their projections and calculations, and provided more materials which essentially was the main problem to begin with.

Key issue was that we did not have enough time to reach ilvl for Argos and needed more time to get the honing resources. Wanting easier honing was just what some players wanted, not needed.

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Thats an irrelevant statement. Has nothing to do with it being new or not, but the content ceiling we are at. Changing honing buffs would also have them to change fundamentally their cadence release of content, which is why they chose to release things that give more materials instead. Its helpful, but it doesnt drastically require them to change relase of content because of players hitting end of content too quickly. Argos is the end of content currently. Please, come up with a better argument.

And this is the relationship AGS created with player base: almost no transparency, shallow words, but a lot of hidden “projections and calculations” that invalidates playerss feedback and suggestions.

Players learned that they almost need to do a riot to get any information about the game, so that’s what they do.

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What are you talking about ? He said he was reading REDDIT and watching YOUTUBE. What I said was that he won’t be reading these forums.

Try to read with more attention next time and not get suspended for making false accusations instead.

no? if you play slowly, you will naturally gear up in time, as well as gradually building up your gold bank. did people who swiped to get to 1490 have an advantage in having millions of gold? sure. but also let’s remind ourselves that just because they have millions of gold all it does is make it slightly easier for them to purchase gear. if you play slowly you will naturally have the gold to gear up your character, as long as you weren’t spending the gold on other items that you don’t necessarily need right now (e.g. i’ve easily spent 20k buying legendary-rare card packs and rapport chests to speed things up). just because you have millions of gold doesn’t mean you have control over the market because the pheon system exists.

like i literally fail to see how paying gives you any advantage other than access to more gold, which should never really be a problem in the first place if you play slowly

So your proof for this false claim is that the director did not talk about EU/NA on a surprise thank you stream for KR users who crowdfunded running thank you ads for Lost Ark devs?

Where is this statement from the director?

Oh yeah clearly he is not reading because he did not mention few people who cried for honing bonus when he is showing appreciation to the KR community on the stream.

What false accusations?

He did not talk about issues that KR players had with the game during pre release interview. MUST BE PROOF THAT HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT KOREAN USERS.

That is quite literally what your logic amounts to.

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As I said so, I believe that the most interested and enjoyable content in this game shouldn’t be limited to a specific x of attempts, such as Abyss raids. I really feel that the endgame content as it is now really lacking in its variety/ Imagine yourself that you need to wait a whole week only just to run abyss raids that you complete in 10min, and then what? another week of waiting. It just doesn’t feel right. My biggest concern with LA right now is the lack of challenging content for endgame players.

I think we need to get rid of such a mechanism of raids/abyss that relies on item level as a restriction, instead, we should get more raids and hard content that rely on people’s combat skills, in order to manage to run the raids in a successful way. An interesting solution for example is to make some specific classes a must to have in your party for a certain mechanic in such a specific boss. Things like that will bring more variety to the game and will make this content more enjoyable.

I agree! But obviously we also agree that if they uncapped attempts for end game content, then it’s also reasonable that repeated attempts will yield no rewards at all. So we can spam enjoyable content as much as we want. And only allow others who have already cleared their weekly attempt to queue for this so that it doesn’t incentivize boosting any more than necessary.

But this problem decreases as more Legion raid comes out and if you create a few alts, then you might spend the whole week running them depending on how quickly you knock them out.

Obviously, I don’t expect to get uncapped attempts without a decrease or some change in the rewards system. But I can give you for instance the “Guild Wars 2” raids mechanic of reward, that works perfectly and you always have something to do even tho you have already used your week limit or daily limit.

Sadly in lost ark, it just doesn’t feel like it’s working well, but maybe I am biased since I came from gw2 raids which put a really high standard of
bosses mechanics and a well-balanced reward system.

In conclusion, what I really try to point out is, that I really hope they will put less focus on Item-Level in regard for raids/abyss runs to be successful. I wanna see raids/abyss runs that the success of the run will be more reliant on the variety of the classes that you have to bring to the combat mechanic. By being able to deal with such a complex mechanic that only some classes have a key role in such mechanic in order to deal with the fight well. In that way, the fight bosses will feel more alive instead of how it is now.

because right now I really don’t have any enjoyment from the fights at all, I am only doing it for the rewards at the end and I don’t think it should be like that. I wanna get thrilled from the fight as well I wanna make a strategy for hard fights with friends but as it is now none of that takes place in the end game content I just need high Item-level and in most case it solve all things and it feels dry.

wait until hell mode hits NA

I stand corrected - not from the director, but from the official LA forum moderation team.

I’m going to close the off-topic conversation here, and look forward to the moderation team taking action. You claim that you know everything, yet apparently you don’t. With a bit of luck we won’t need to see you posting around here anymore acting in a patronizing and insulting way towards the community.

Right, of course your evidence is hearsay without even a direct quote. What a shocker. All to support your original claims that no one cares about constructive criticism in our region. Apparently he said she said on an online forum is supposed to be treated as factual evidence now.

It is laughable that you try to act like some justified martyr under attack when all I have done is pointing out misinformation for what it is.

If you want to be respected or your post to be taken seriously, then write about what you know without fabrication. I have no obligation to respect people who are deliberately abusing misinformation for their own personal agenda.

The honing system could be improved by making the cost higher (whatever the average cost is through RNG) and make it 100% success. Your farming still takes a long time but you know you will do it in the end. No wasting, no failing. Maybe use the items to bring the cost down a little.

The game is P2W. You can literally pay money for better gear. You can get your base set and then swipe to upgrade it. The fact that f2p players can get there eventually does not change the fact. If you could buy cosmetics and quality of life stuff like PoE (even buying a level 50 boost, that’s just convenience, not p2w) - I would think that is not P2W.

We need better communication with the devs, not one person doing it all, there should be more people communicating with the players. Make stuff like loads of polls, feedback threads, do a giveaway for cosmetic stuff for answers to get people to respond. There’s so many ways to go about it.

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Just because I was quoted here and you called information in my text “heresay”, I wanted to confirm that what I wrote was based on what maselbart wrote on the German forum.

I have no clue what the discussion is on about and won’t get involved in that part, just wanted to make sure that it’s not falling back on me and my information is not made up.

I give you a screenshot and direct link:

Thanks for showing up. So in other words, it looks like he is saying that they are not directly reading the forum due to language barrier. AGS summarize all feedbacks including criticism and send it over to be reviewed.

Is that accurate?

That’s accurate yes :slight_smile:

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Got it thanks. Not sure what the big deal is though. The director would not be directly monitoring other platforms either including KR platforms. They have staff who do that, capture and summarize and present the data which then gets reviewed.

One thing they could do is remove bound mats and let any and all resources your alts get go towards your main. It’s like intentionally frustrating mechanic on top of intentionally frustrating mechanic. I have hundreds of mats my main could use on alts and I’ll be damned if they aren’t all bound to character. Or entirely stop gatekeeping mats. If I wanna grind out 200 Chaos dungeons to get the gdamn .05% hone let me do it for christs sake.

Any and all joy you might get from a successful hone is entirely swallowed up by the previous and next fails.

I am finding myself more and more frustrated day by day with this. Part of it is the relentless p2w on every single thing in my life anymore and part of it I and many others have looked forward to the promise of this game for years now. We are emotionally invested in it and feel like it’s all just whalebait. I don’t even mind paying a 20 - 25$ subscription if it comes down to it. But not thousands. Thats just unsustainable for any but the wealthy.

I know this is gonna get shit on and that’s ok. Eventually all those like me, and I suspect we are the majority, will just leave and the whales will follow cuz they have no one to show off to.

The game isnt the problem here. The gatekeeping is and they are easily fixable.