Issue a Guild Challenge - Instant or Scheduled?


With the new system of guild challenges (PvP and PvE), you can now issue a guild challenge from the guild menu and choose which challenge you want to do for. I imagine once this goes, members of the guild can say whether they will or will not attend.

When issuing a challenge, does it kick off the challenge straight away, meaning that it’s likely only guildmates online will be able to attend, or is it schedule for a later time, so that there’s more chance for more players to log in and see it’s happening?

Bump, also curious and don’t want to recklessly waste my guild’s challenges.

Also interested in this

I just went for it. It seems like anyone in the guild can kick off the events whenever they like. Unsure if there’s a setting to change who can activate or not.

The Raid was fairly easy with two people and beatable with two people but obviously you’d get better rewards if you kill faster with more people.

The other one was much harder will less people and we failed it.

Completing it uses up YOUR weekly reward, but not the rest of everyone in the guild, so they can can and activate it for themselves and hope others are around to help (probably why anyone can activate). Failing also does not use up your weekly attempt so you can try again later.

I also noticed there was a new ‘hire mercenary’ option. Looks like you can maybe pay guild bloodstones to hire people to come help complete these events if you don’t have many people? I don’t know for certain though.

If my assumptions above are correct from my experience, my advice would be to advise your guild to avoid activating until there’s plenty of people online to jump in and help.

I will admit the communication about how these features work was not very clear at all.

but that sounds weird, that would mean the groups are supposed to complete it 30x for each member? Were you in group? How does it actually start (your original question). Which exactly have you beaten? What was “the other one”?

For a report of events unknown it’s a bit vague :stuck_out_tongue:

We could challenge but nobody could go. You need to get certified to use this crazy system ha! None of our guild has been able to run yet for GvE.

All the challenge buttons are greyed out for me. Saying we dont meet the requirements?

Sorry for the lack of clarity. It’s late.

I somewhat accidentally kicked off a Caspiel raid. I did this by hitting ‘Base Info’ from the guild menu, selecting a raid and then selecting ‘Challenge’. This gives around a 3 minute timer for others to join. You can also directly invite people if you don’t want to hope people notice it and join of their own accord.

In the end, it was just me and 1 other person who did this. We beat it in around 9minutes just the two of us got our individual rewards. However the raid challenge is still active on our guild. I imagine this is so others can also challenge and get their rewards and maybe get a better time for the guild. I am unable to challenge this again.

What we failed to do, was the Volare Island Siege (Siege being the word I forgot when I said “other one”). This was with about 4 or 5 of us. We perhaps picked a harder Siege, or these are just harder in general and may need mercenary support to complete (if that feature works how I assume) if you’re trying it with less players.

In regards to not meeting the requirements. I’m unsure. I did notice I wasn’t able to invite some of our members are first. Was there a quest to complete first? I’m already forgotten.

and you failed volare because of time? Was there other team that beat you? When I saw sieges I can’t make much sense how “pvp” it is.

that would be time maybe? It’s 11am-midnight for pve (at least for EUC it’s “off” until tomorrow

There were no other guilds there. I don’t get the PvP aspect either other than just directly comparing times. Though there are Sieges on Islands like Slime Island which are PvP islands so perhaps it works differently there.

But yeah, we ran out of time which is why we failed.

How do you actually enter the instanced dungeon? Say you have 16 guild mates who want to run? Are you doing a partyfinder for this or is entry through the guild menu? Or is entry through being physically at the Island? SO confusing.

Guild Menu - First you pick which instance you want to do (whatever the button above ‘participation vote’ usually is. If an instance is already chosen, this will say ‘Base Info’ instead.

Then when in the overview menu, there’s a ‘Challenge’ button in the bottom-left of the screen which puts you into the instance. This starts it for everyone which around 3-4mins intro timer before it fully kicks off. Then everyone can join from the guild menu. It will say there’s a session in progress. People can also join in progress, even if they miss the intro timer.

Yea that doesn’t work for me at all. I scheduled it, have 16 online trying to participate. Guild leader even, says I don’t meet the requirements.

Not sure why. I wasnt able to invote some people either. Cant remember if there’s maybe a quest to do first?

How did you schedule it?