[Issue] Impossible to upgrade the weapon

Since the update, I can no longer upgrade my weapon. Indeed, the weapon remains eternally in +15 and the compositions are not consumed.
The game does everything as before except that I have an additional message “No welcome boost infomation”.

The screens are in chronological order.

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:rofl: Hard locked out of Valtan Hard.

Well, hope you get this resolved. @Roxx Perhaps you can move this to the tech issues section?

Same here on the chest piece, can’t upgrade, after a 8h of download for this patch :slight_smile:

you guys really don’t read before you post right? Or click on the Dev trackrt to see if there might be another post already about this. :slight_smile:

Dont take it the wrong way though. Not blaming you for not doing that. Just an observation.

Ah, well seems Elwine already re-posted the issue there, before Roxx commented. So they are covered :+1:

this happens to me too

We have this bug out for a quick fix since it’s a progression blocker. Appreciate the reports

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