Issue with Archesia Grand Prix

I took the Grand Prix quest with my character level 30 by error (It shouldn’t be possible because we can’t do the quest if we are not 50…) and it is not possible to abandon it…
Now I can’t start the quest as I can’t take it on my 50 character.
What to do ?
Thank you


@Roxx Could you please verify if the fix for the issue is coming?

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I though the quest will reset after the 11h A.M EUC reset but not.
I still can’t do the Grand Prix (not possible to leave the quest) except if I up 50 my alt.

@Roxx could we get info if this is going to be fixed asap? So we can make hard decisions like deleting char, powerpass, manually levelling? Ideally players shouldn’t need to do painful workarounds for such a trivial bug to fix

Was this also posted to the bug reporting section?

I think the only solution here is to level your alt to 50 ASAP. Doesn’t look like fix is coming any time soon.

There is a portal to enter the quest in East luterra so you can do it on your alt, the reward token are roaster bound so it shouldn’t put an issue, also you can only take the quest at the npc next to the portal so you definitely can do it before level 50,it even show the requirement being 0 between bracket in the alarm system

yes I reported and there was at least 1 other report. But got no response from support

There was also someone that got to 50 but it still didn’t work:

I’ve not tried as I don’t have much time.

You have to be level 50 in order to enter the portal. It’s not because your character are not able to get to big cities. You can’t even abort the quest so if you received the quest with alt lower than 50, you are screwed.