Issue with exchanging gold to crystals

I try to exchange my gold for blue crystals, I did a big exchange, converting 700 of my gold, but it never allowed me to claim the crystals and a message keeps popping up saying ‘Cannot process consecutive requests. Please try again later.’ even though I only did one big transaction. I tried doing it again on one of my alts but it still says the same. I’ve waited around 1 day for the first attempt, but it still never allowed me to claim the crystals. I even tried small amounts, but still wasn’t able to claim it.

Assistance would kindly be appreciated.

same, I have this problem as well

Exact same issue, converted around 2k gold to crystals, only got one “set” of crystals back and never saw the rest. Would love to know if we at least get reimbursed for this or if I can simply.get the crystals I paid for.

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The same thing just happened to me. I tried to convert 976 Gold into Blue Crystals, but I got this message and there was no option for me to claim to crystals I just bought.

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Bump, same issue

any fix for this? I’m having the same problems since a week ago.

The same issue happened with me. I saved up so much gold in order to exchange it for blue crystals. Every time I check to see if I can claim my crystals it just gives me the error code, “Cannot Process Consecutive requests. please Try Again later.”