Issue with in game quest to join a guild

First off I’d like to inform you I contacted support twice for this issue with no luck. I have ticket numbers. The Purple intro ‘‘how to join a guild’’ quest I can’t seem to finish. As I had joined a guild before I got the quest and I’ve been there more than 3 days I don’t really want to start that timer yet again. I was told by customer service it was likely a bug and they’d get back to me with some sort of solution, yet here we are. Server Una Character: will be provided upon asking I don’t wish my character name to be on open forums if I can help it.

I have the exact same issue. Anyone who joins a guild before receiving the quest will not be allowed to complete the quest. Someone needs to fix this bug so it registers that a guild has in fact been joined.

Not that anyone ever got back to me on this which might be the bigger issue… but try removing the quest and picking it up again you should be able to get the reward from it and if memory serves correctly you’ll get stuck again just let it sit there until you get closer to end game you’ll be able to turn it in eventually or at least i was after doing this ^^

The problem is that it’s not a quest it’s a welcome challenge. The quest still wont complete even after finding the person to readd it.

I just read the fine print. Have you received 50 bloodstone from the weekly reward in guild? I have and it still hasn’t completed the quest for me.

It finally worked. Only took more than the required time to get the next step of the quest so I could talk to the guy and receive my reward.