Issues in stronghold after maintenance

Just checked the game after maintenance.

I can only see one upgrade in my lab out of the two i have going, not sure how I will get access to the second upgrade…
It says the dispatched mission is complete in the dropdown and left hand window, but when i open the dispatch station there is still a timer going.

might be more, I only had about 3 minutes.

hey use this thread instead of opening a new one

Same here. Have one research complete and other ongoing, cant accept the completed one, because only show one tab.

dude i litteraly posted the thread you should answer to right above your post :smiley: atleast TRY to follow up 1 thread with 100 replys is better then 60 with 1

Cue suprised pickachu face …

oh wait this is the standard issue with every patch. well im going to play something else, knowing amazon they will bring a hotfix during eu prime time anyway so no chance getting in today.

At least you guys can play the game, I still see no update and the servers are down for me

I had to restart steam and check game files to get the update going.

Yea, should have would have could have ^^

I just didnt see a post about this before i started my post and I am not wasting my lunch break looking though the posts.

dude its like first page post xD it takes litteraly 1 sec to klick this button ^^ dont talk arround your lazyness ^^ just reply to the thread :smiley:

Yep restart Steam it always works for me when the update is not showing

I’ve been restarting for the past 30min, i’ll check game files i guess