Issues when trying to dye the Alar skin on Reaper

When you try to dye this skin, it automatically changes to full white, with the hexadecimal code FFFFFF. If you try to dye anything part or apply a pattern, everything becomes white instantly.

As you can see on the picture the skin is displaying it’s original/untouched colours, but the codes for both patterns and colours display as white

Server : Evergrace
Character : Séijn

This happens to every dyeable skin in the game, not just reaper skin. No fix since it’s not even acknowledged as a bug. Just have to suck it up and dye every piece if you want colours other than white.

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Well it didn’t happen to me when I dyed my other skins some months ago

There might be some outliers, but the majority of skins will do the ‘set all others to white’ thing. That’s what the message is ‘Parts with no selected color will be automatically applied with white’ is for.