Issues with Argon island soul

This is meant to be a friendly but direct post. The methods available to players who would like to obtain the Argon island soul promotes a toxic environment that does not appear to be in alignment with what I assume most players want, which is a fun and positive gaming experience. The scarcity and lack of information regarding reasonable respawn time of the ice sculptures is unreasonable considering the volume of people currently trying to obtain the island soul. The lack of availability of ice sculptures coupled with the method of obtaining the soul (damage and then finish off with punches or mokoko frying pan) seems to encourage sniping and competition out of player frustration rather than teamwork and coordination. Please either make the island pvp or adjust the mechanics for obtaining the soul. This island is a blemish in your otherwise amazing game.

They increased the number of ice blocks, you shouldn’t have issues now.

Most people waste like half an hour hitting the block while it still has a lot of HP.
You should hit it all the way until it has no visible hp left, like absolutely nothing.
Then unequip everything down to 0ilvl. Hit it another 15 times with bare fists and then switch to pan. It’s like 18 hits with fists to destroy it from no HP visible.

Fists deal 10 dmg and pan deals 1, so even with fists you have 10% chance to get the token, assuming the final digit is 1, so your final hit leaves 1hp on the block.

Takes like 2 minutes total.

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Great, thanks for this response. I had been to the island multiple times and only saw sculptures. After checking the forums I did not see that the issue was resolved. That is good news!

It resets once a day, at 1am server time, at least in EUC.

on my server… I just came here and almost every statue is done by 1 person… like cmon…

I wasn’t aware that was even possible; the island doesn’t restrict access after you have completed a statue?

If not, that is instant feedback that would improve the QoL on the island.