Issues with in-game purchases, twitch drops and crystaline aura

Server: Neria
Nickname: Honora

Three days ago i bought the Telestic Alar Skin (Mage), but after buying it, i noticed that they hadn’t taken away the crystals.
After two hours the crystals disappeared, i didn’t even got the costume and the maket doesn’t work too.
Another issue that i have to deal with (not only me) is the “crystaline aura”, i used the 30 days crystaline aura but it’s been 3 days that it doesn’t work.
But i first login, the games keeps telling me that it’s active, but it doesn’t.
The game is new but i’ve already lost a skin, days of buff and two twitch drop: Saphia Pet Chest and LoLA Helgaia Pet Chest.
I already checked the twitch inventory but i didn’t got nothing.

I’ve tryed to find a support through Contact Us | Amazon Games
but i can’t get with amazon games, because they told me to contact Steam (wich i did), who directed me back to amazon.
What can i do now? Hope some GM or an administrator could help me.
Thanks in advance for the help.



Server: Neria
Name: Shieldbeans
That was a big influence for me


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My twitch drops are lingering in the limbo

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Same problem here with the market and crystalin

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I bought the platinum pack and for 2 days the crystalline aura is not active, crystalline benefit applied comes out in the server selection and instead when I enter the game it is not active and the market is not available server neira

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