It’s really unfair! same problem different rewards? are you kidding me?

I opened a topic and it was moved to the correct topic by a moderator. But the topic was closed for an unknown reason, so I’m reopening it.

The game was released for free on 2/11/2022
Today: 2/19/2022

About 7 patches have arrived since the game was released. During this time, the lag in the game could not be resolved. You apologized to us about this and gave us the packages we BOUGHT again.

I want to ask:

Why was everyone given “DIFFERENT” apology compensation awards when everyone was having the SAME ISSUE?

I bought a bronze package and only 1 pet came to me. If anyone received a platinum package, they were given crystals again. I was given only 1 pet while giving an extra crystals for someone with a platinum package. But we had the same problem. SAME PROBLEM. Why did you do such a thing? This is very unfair and I do not accept it. I want crystals too. Because I’ve been trying to play the game in this lag for 8 days, just like someone who bought a platinum package.

I will update this post until I get a response from any moderator.

dont cry lol they buy higher pack so they earn it easy thing

Thats true but the bug is the same. So if this is an apology gift, everyone should be treated equally. We’ve all had the same problem!

You were treated equally, you got what you initially paid for.

What is equal about you getting the same as someone who spent more? Should that entitle them to a refund down to your bronze price?


Ofc not. But the problem everyone is having is the same problem. It is unfair to give different rewards in a problem where everyone is affected equally. Because that mistake didn’t care who paid how much.

Yeah I know what you’re trying to say but it makes no sense.

I ordered a Ford GT, you ordered a Ford KA, there was a problem with the computers (their end) being used so we both couldn’t drive - You’re now asking that when they return my GT to me, they return one to you as well… doesn’t make any sense and is quite greedy.

That’s not to say we’re not due compensation for the issues, because we certainly should be.



its NOT unfair lol its fair you get what you paid for and others get what they paid for

U can’t be serious, like for real - if you would use your brain you wouldn’t tpye out such nonsense. the additional founders packs was not a compensation for people, it was a way to START fresh on a new released server because people redeemed it and wouldn’t move.

The compensation was given in form of a crystalline aura and some other stuff, everyone got it equally. and now lock this thread again and pls stop crying.

But you paid 15€ for the game and not 100€ - you don’t deserve 1k crystals or anything else.

it’s a compensation for the problems we all encountered, so if you bought a bronze pack you will get compensated based on that…it’s only natural that they would give the platinum founders a compensation worth the price they bought in, so stop being greedy and stop producing unnecessary work for the community staff, we have far more important things that needs to be addressed like the fact that the game isn’t playable right now in EU Central


The same can be said about why people who spent $100 were forced into the same pit with those who spent $15 on head-start launch day. You can’t expect to be given Royal Crystals when the Bronze pack never had Royal Crystals to begin with.

Can we please all agree to report this thread as spam and get it removed ? This is such a pointless complaint. You get what you paid for.


This is so true! 100% agree with you and have reported this

If they gave you Platinum rewards as a Bronze founder it would completely negate the purpose of those who spent money on the Platinum pack.

Not only is it fair, but it’s more than we deserve or are obligated to. When we bought these packs, we weren’t given a guarantee other than the things in the pack. They could have just chosen not to give us anything at all and it would have still been fair because that’s what we signed up for when we paid money for an unreleased game.

For them to compensate us with another pack for their blunders shows they are taking responsibility for it. It’s not fair for you to think about this second pack as anything more than a bonus. It’s not something we’re entitled to. That’s what pre-ordering/pre-purchasing/founder’s packs are. It’s a gamble. No one forced you to buy the pack. You could have waited until the game was out and played it at a later time without the pack, considering it’s a free game.

You willingly chose to buy the pack because you wanted the reward in the pack. You opted not to buy the Platinum pack for whatever reasons, not sure what they are but I’m sure they are valid.

However, you thinking you deserve a Platinum pack is an absurd level of entitlement. How do you think the Platinum founders feel having to deal with this? How do you think the Platinum founders would feel after dealing with this to then see that everyone who bought a pack whether $15 or $100, is getting the same reward they are getting but for less risk of investment? It’d be a slap in the face.

Show some decency.

So you buy standard car and i buy fully loaded edition and theres an issue with the engine.

So we both have the same problem so you should now get fully loaded verison?

Your house is next to mine and hurricane destorys both.

Mine was 1m mansion, yours was regular 300k house.

Now insurance should give us both manisons