It blows my mind that some of you

some of you are bitching saying there no story content and that it lacks depth

yet you sit there and skip quest dialog and dont read it.

really? whats on your mind


Ngl I skip most dialogue and like half the cut scenese but it seems like LA has a pretty decent story for the people that actually take the time to enjoy it

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I read through all of it & watched every cutscene

Apart from the horrible translations, it’s ok. Hopefully it gets more interesting but FFXIV ARR was the same, it didn’t get good until heavensward

i agree. skipping through everything and then complaining that there’s no story is just ridiculous. how are you supposed to understand anything if you just skip through? :woman_shrugging:

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I actually quite like the story and some of the side quest chains are pretty good. I read all the dialogue for every quest.

If im not mistaken the 7 arks is like the tutorial of the game story it get better in future to come :cookie:

This is gold lmao