It cost me 20k gold in pheons to cut my stone


It cost me 20k gold in pheons, but the stones only added up to 2.5k
are there any plans for the future to change this? I understand it is hard because it is a player driven economy but still, can you just cap bc prices to like 900?

Then who would buy gold then. You do know how the price is determined right. Someone offers to buy X amount of gold for 238 Royal Crystals. And someone offers to sell X amount fo gold for 95 blue crystals. If you cap at 900 then no one would use the service and no one buying gold thru the conversion mean no blue crystals to buy. In this market right now with how much gold you earn in a WEEK, 900 gold for $2.38 is not worth it so sorry no blue crystals on the market then.

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it used to be like 400 gold and people still converted money to gold and there were plenty of blue crystals on the market

because you wern’t MAKING as much as you are these days in FREE gold.

Not everyone had extensive alt rosters since it took a while to go from T1 to T3, now almost everyone can have a 6man roster very quick that is already at valtan.

It’s a communist system where the system takes the majority of the profit preventing players from making any money on the AH until relic gear…

Pheons are the worst system I have ever come across in 20+ years of hardcore gaming.

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25k in gold for pheons is like 100 pheons and 11ish stones… u got lucky.

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the prices were still like 700 gold 2 months ago and still people were making the same amount as now, 900 gold cap would not be bad

Its a better system then some of the things that were in place PRIOR to pheons in KR. There were blue crystal charges EVERYWHERE.

it is still a bad system

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to fix this is simple remove pheons from tripods and stones

Uh, no, you want to know when the price jumped quick, just go look at the graph.
It jumped around the time the 1st growth support became a thing.

The price is compeltely influenced by teh value of gold (i.e how much gold is in the economy and how easy its to earn and keep it.

People forget as well for alts, you buy 1 SET of gear and thats it, 1 set of pheon spending and your alt is essentially set for the rest of its life essentially.

Honestly we need to remove Pheons from everything below relic and add an options to buy pheons directly for royal crystals at a set rate while still allowing them to be purchased for BC from F2P players.

Pheons should only be worth about 50 pheons for 100 royal crystals.

It was like 2 months ago on my server I can look at my transaction page and see when it went up

2 months ago, it was 738

I finished gearing 2 alts last week, so that was 10x Relic accessories and however many stones I had to cut for a 7/7 (which I had a decent bit of bad luck with). I also picked up a few key lv4 tripods for them both to fill out the Tripod Inventory for the upcoming change.

All told I spent 60k worth of BCs on Pheon’s.

Highway. Robbery.

The only saving grace, and one new or returning players likely wouldn’t have is that I bought something like 27,000 BCs over time back when they were 400-700g. Being able to stockpile early is saving me a great deal of stress today. I couldn’t imagine being a 1 or 2 roster account trying to afford BC prices while also the insane cost of accessories.



Last time it was 900 on most servers was early aug. Which guess what, Spells in Spades released on July 20th which INCLUDED the growth buff. Ergo, the honing buff is what raised the prices due to MORE people at the upper levels (mains and alts).

NA-E @ 900 on Aug 18 (~2000 now)
NA-W @ 900 on Aug 4 (~3000 now)
EU-C @ 900 on Aug 8 (~2400 now)
EU-W @ 900 on Aug 19 (Also has the current cheapest price @ 1600)
SA @ 900 on Jul 18 (Also is the current most expensive @ 4500).

and its 3k on some servers now but its 2k on mine

it changes server to server and capping it to 900 gold would not hurt anything you are probably a person who swipes your card daily

And telling you now, people wont pay $2.38 for 900 gold these days when a roster of 6 makes ~50k easily now a week for free. Back when you earned maybe 20k a week sure 900 is something. But now, no. I mean seriously just use some actually brains and follow the chart compared to how much one “generally” could earn gold per week. It follows RIGHT with the chart pretty well.

Next thing will be will be
“Whahhhh, theres no blue crystals to buy, game is bugged” (Which HAS already happened for a short time once already on one of the servers for a few days).

If they wont remove pheons at least make the cost of pheons for an item scale with the gold cost and remove it from the stones completely. That way if you want to play something not “meta” you dont have to pay 10x what its worth in pheons

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