It feels like you are forced to have many supporter ALTs to enjoy raids

I know this topic is old but currently feel it again… you wait 1-2 hours for one or two 20min raids…
Its like you need to have 4 sup alts and 2 dps…

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It wont change, Game is super support unfriendly… and its just boring to play one.
I have one Pala at 1490 and ohh god so boring.
They just dont reward those enought.

Thats also on top. Support gameplay is not rly fun imo… you spam your buffs and shilds and thats it… in the last 2h I just could do 2 valtan raids… you also cant do other stuff… would be cool if you could do chaos dungeos in the time but well

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That’s what happens when you make a game and have 36 DPS options and 2 Support options.

Then tell everyone to make a minimum of 6 characters to re-run the limited content on each day.

It would have helped(not fix) had they released a 3rd Support option before everyone’s roster filled up from all the PP/Express Events, but now even those who were interested in Artist likely won’t have any Roster room left to level one.


I think the support gameplay needs to be a bit more enganging.

yes I have a few supports and I enjoy it.

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