It is disrespectful to enter any raid without watching a guide

If you’re going to play a team sport then you need to look into how to play it first Like, imagine signing up to play baseball at the park and you show up and start kicking the baseball into the soccer net. People would be angry, and rightfully so. It’s disrespectful to them and wasting their time for you to hold everything up by not knowing what you’re doing.

Then you complain in the forums saying: “I went to the park to play baseball but the people there kept yelling at me for kicking the ball into the goal. Why are they so toxic?”


depends what the lobby thinks they signed up for. if you’re joining a reclear or video guided run then yes its a dick move but if people are expecting blind or know you’re blind beforehand then no


Even when joining a learning / first time party you should. Unless you’re playing a newly released one in KR.

Is the weakness of LOA Global, Players nerver stop looking at the Korean version…


People are so lazy that in the case we get new content at the same time. I bet the Global Players wouldnt play the content for a month until Koreans figure it out first and make a guide.

I think it’s also disrespectful that I have to do M3 and Prokel every single time I pug. Like come on clown has been out for what 6 months now and people still join a lobby and insta call M1. Do people really not think that it’s time to give us a break and we also deserve to chill and get carried every now and then? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t like to look up guides online and I really don’t like asking for someone to carry me, unless I can’t figure it out and get really frustrated. I just want to play the game organically; that brings me the most joy.


More like it’s DUMB to enter any content for the first time without watching a video unless it’s you and all friends just trying to see how it goes!


Short answer: Yes, of course.
If you have the option to look up guides to get a short and brief understanding how these mechanics and bosses work… it helps a ton.

Then you just gotta put it to practice anymore… instead of running around like a headless chicken.

People who did it on release in KR sure didn’t run around like headless chickens. They used their brains, something probably underused in the West. Watching a guide is like running cheat codes.

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Because the content released first in KR and they had to learn it.
If global would be on the same stage and patch as KR, we would need to learn Thaemine (next possible raid) from scratch too. Imagine that… amazing, right?

Yeah, and I always see how much brain is used from these blind people and how much they spam ??? as soon as nothing goes wrong. Oh, and they get toxic as hell when you try to explain mechs to them.

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Best possible answer, tbh.

Tbh… since M1 is the easiest… of course people want to do the Mario that you fail the least on.


Am i the only one who just hate the first saws?

I fear nothing on this game, but running the first saws section…SCARES ME!

Maybe some sort of phobia…

You have no right to waste 7 other people’s time

I wasn’t gatekeeping much but now I have no choice. Im tired of dealing with jail lobbies in lower Legion Raids.

For you to join my lobby you need a decent roster level (around 140) and your alt need to have some Item Level over the requirement of the game. I also almost insta reject people that run no gem at all. This should not be a thing in the first place

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Quiet true. I watch videos all the time, but the issue I find is even though you know the boss from videos, it’s quite different when trying to clear them the first couple of times. It’s almost as if you need to watch the video, play them and then watch the video again to recap for you to know what to do properly.

its not impostor or not u accepted

deal with it or kick

Well, in WoW theres 3 different Difficultys (the 4th doesnt count), and since a long time now i say, wont watch guides for atleast the easiest of the 3, the middle difficulty is not much different and i use my exp i got from the easy one, but sometimes if theres a real special Mechanic i watch that Mechanic. And the Hardest, which is often a whole different fight then the 2 lower ones, i watch all the Guides.

In Lost Ark , pretty much, i watch TLDR Guides. Theres so much stuff going on, i only try to memorize some important parts, and everything else is learning by playing. Which helps muscle Memory alot more then watching ten+ times the Guide over and over.
But since im on euw and its all dead im not raiding much anyway.

But if i raid, my system works pretty well.