It is extremely unlikely they will change the game due to western complaints

welcome to kmmos where you matter nothing and they only want your money
prime example blade and soul, lost ark will reach that state in about a year if it progresses in this speed :person_shrugging: maybe a year is too generous

I think all the changes we’ve seen recently : Yoz Jar - Gold Una - Gold restriction.

Is a part of their global release plan, they want to crush down completely the idea that the game is predatory and motivates bad spending habits (wink-wink to China and their strict legislation in that regards)

All of this is not random neither is it out of the blur. These people are brewing millions, you need to think outside of the box a little.

And regarding SH. 2 options.

  1. Make it so Transformation keeps the same skin tone the player had already set for him/herself.

  2. In the customization menu, let the SH determine how they want their transformation to look like : skin tone / hairstyle.

Exactly like, some ppl are being extremely ignorant here about this every day, a bit of common sense will tell you that a character who isn’t white turning white is problematic. The only reason that’s ‘part of the lore’ is because all of the demons were white BEFORE their transformation.

Those would be the smart options for the SH but the fact that it isn’t that way in korea makes me skeptical they would make it that way for us. It’s just more dev time they don’t want to dedicate for our version of the game cause I can’t imagine korean SH wouldn’t want to keep their preset when going demon, maybe just with white hair to keep the trend.

No the easier solution would be to do what they did here. Just put a shadow particle over the skin to fight off any potential backlash. It’s lazy but it works.

Honestly I have my issues with how they made some light skinned characters dark skinned but that’s a seperate issue entirely from the Shadow Hunter one.

SH should’ve had that or AGS should’ve pushed for it. Them changing the current SH form to what it is with no customization or skin tone adjustments is dumb when AGS had them change a plethora of in game NPCs skin colors for “Diversity.” They’ll just do the same shit to the revamp if not.

I am a POC and I fucking hate diversity for brownie points. That shit is worthless. I’d rather you make brand new characters that are POC than recolor characters that weren’t originally that skin color or just don’t bother at all.

The adjustment of the form was dumb no matter what. You’d get complaints the other way, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as controversial if a POC complained about their character turning white. It’d make more sense if instead of being tarblack or palewhite they made the skin purple like Zaika. Now no one would have to worry about that because no living human actually has purple skin. Another answer to this situation is to just give them fullbody demon/chaos armor instead of having shown skin and face which probably would be even better, but that’s not sexy enough I guess? Think of like DMC, and it would probably make a even more sense.

If SH gets actually gets customization on transformation hopefully Scouter does too and any other future transformation classes.

Feels like when we take a step forward for the health of the game there’s some decision that makes it take two steps back…

so south korea > europe + america = a drop of the playerbase? lol

And they shouldn’t. The game is fine as is.

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there’ no point in using these forums honestly, none of the feedback matters and nobody does anything with this feedback, best to let the game die and have amazon write it off as another failure due to their own incompetence, and smilegate’s.

Or just enjoy the game for what it is. An export item.

The game is honestly great for the people it’s great for. This game was never going to be for everyone even more so in the western market which has very different mentalities regarding games and reward/time structures.

These forums could just be used to discuss the game for what it is instead of using it to cry about every little problem hoping that somehow someone in smilegate will hear it.

Like honestly it’s like someone complaining on reddit about a manga chapter and thinking their feedback will have any impact on the future of the story.

It’s because that’s how they treat these games that come out of korea. You have to understand that korean companies literally do not give a flying fuck about the world wide market. It’s actually a super accurate comparison because for the most part the Japanese anime and manga industry also doesn’t give a flying fuck about the western market. The Korean video game industry and the Japanese anime/manga industry hyper focus on their own demographics and other third party publishers buy the rights to the games to try and bring them to other regions. They just don’t care. If it does well cool they’ll just keep doing what they are doing. If it doesn’t do well also cool they are doing great in korea.

Why do you think Shueisha and other major companies don’t have western branches? Same for literally every korean publisher. NCsoft was the one korean company that tried to do a global run and they had their success for a hot minute then just nothing. It’s because korean gamers have different mentalities to western gamers and it’s just not worth investing in us in the long run. They’ll let someone else foot the bill if they want to try but they aren’t going to put any significant effort into changing anything about the game to appeal to other markets.

Give me an example of any korean game that has ever been self published in another region. Pearl Abyss Is the only one that comes to mind for me in BDO and guess what same thing. They do not adjust the game at all for the western market. Korea is the only market that matters and BDO isn’t even doing well there.

Only reason Yoz’s was removed was due to huge controversy with Diablo immortal, talk about 20 new EU countries joining Belgium and Netherlands in their anti online gambling laws and even one of the US senators briefly acknowledging that he is aware of it, as he plays online games himself. They don’t want bad press for already dying game. They did not drop a disgustingly predatory money grab out of goodness of their hears. If they cared about players concerns, class cadence has seen 100 times bigger backlash, and they don’t give a flying fuck about it.

Damn man I forgot about blade and soul! It was so good until you couldnt progress at all anymore if you didn’t pay. Nice memories though

If scouter’s transformation does not get altered to darkish blue, we will know the real reason behind SH’s change that was made.

“It is important that other player’s be able to tell when your character is transformed into its demon form, for example in PvP or Raid situations.”

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Honestly this reasoning was pretty silly because White color > Dark color. :rofl:

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Amazon got the Legendary Skins removed.
They have more say than you give them credit for.

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That was bullshit cause you can tell when ure transformed even in the true version of Demonize.
We already know why they did it.

And you base this on what data?

Also, playerbase is not everything. Smilegate likely want to get some good PR in the western market and you don’t get that by ignoring that part of your playerbase.

Why? Creating a different gender is almost as easy to create a skin. The base models are already there, from other male classes, and the spell effects are there from the female classes. So all which is needed is to create a male “skin”.

I mean I would much prefer a unique male mage class but since Smilegate seems to have something against male classes, judging by the fact that 5/6 of upcoming classes are all female, that is not going to happen.

This is actually not true. You heavily overestimate how big Korea is. Lost Ark isn’t even that popular of a game there. I think 8% played compared to league of legend’s 40-50%.

Judging by the amount of servers, NAE alone is bigger than Korea.

Do they care though? Unlikely. Amazon Games is our publisher not Smile Gate. And Amazon has no intention of regionalizing the game for us if it causes any expense at all to them. Amazon is run by npc’s who’s only goal is to see money number go higher, who will fail in the gaming industry.

The lack of Male Mage / Male Assassin and the naming problems already stop a lot of people from playing right when they first download the game or even downloading the game to begin with.

As the guy above me explained it is not difficult or even that expensive to release a Male Mage / Male Assassin. The models already exist, the spell animations already exist. It’s as simple as making them work together + adding voice acting.

We are actually not a drop in their playerbase. We may be their most rich playerbase yet. Thing is, Amazon doesn’t know how to advise Smilegate because well they have no successful track record and Smilegate never did their research.