It is unacceptable your main character can be essentially deleted anytime they are in the mood for a balance patch

Artillerist just got a massive revamp on the korean PTR.

It drastically changed the two class engravings, skills, tripods, combat stats. And with it, players have to invest tens of thousands of gold to repurchase all their accessories, ability stones, legendary book setups, skill tripods, new gems. Somethings they have right now can still be used, but a good majority of things need to be redone from the ground up.

All the while facing insane price gouging because the demand suddenly skyrockets and everything related will go up 2-10x in price.

Needless to say to the average player, this essentially means your character is deleted. It is most egregiously felt on your main character, because the higher you dig into progression systems the cost gets exponentially higher.

Of course you can reply in the comments with stuff like, well sucks for artillerists I guess lul. But the reality is you know whenever this happens to you, you are most likely going to want to quit the game because the amount of gold and pheon investment they just straight up delete from your account and asking you to do it again is insane.

This can be any character, any class. Anytime a balance patch comes out you can start praying you dont get the artillerist treatment. This is ridiculous and unacceptable.


well sucks for artillerists I guess lul




This happens in a lot of these types of games and thats where the FoTM sentiment rolls in.

That being said it fucking sucks to have to completely rebuild your character, Artillerist is one of my 1415 alts and I just recently spent a bunch of pheons getting him geared correctly.

That being said, they revamped the Tripod system for this exact reason, they couldnt nerf tripods without making people farm out brand new ones and that sucked even more.

I would just wait a bit until prices normalize. I guess it just depends on how badly you get shafted.

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Don’t worry , a better game will release by Christmas + isn’t your revamp a buff

Yes it is an asshole change. It’s only on PTR so there is a very good chance that they might revert it altogether just like they did with the soulfist changes in last balance patch.


Yes, it’s a buff you have to buy. Lul.

That’s true. I’m waiting on 2 new releases this year.

artilerist is stupid class anyways
no value is lost

I mean Surge DB… was all doom and gloom and guess what they were still fine… Like sure you do less dmg (Maybe) so what … you can still clear content.

DB Surge is still one of the highest hitting classes. You simply can’t abuse low stacks anymore.

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They have a reworked UI for it though, that makes it much more likely to stick than some simple number adjustments.

this isn’t just a nerf. In the current setup most artillerists are running the wheelchair build with both class engravings and the new rework makes it so you would only use barrage enhancement for the wheelchair build. Not sure about other players but i bought both gold books for my artillerists as i have 3 of them and spent 150k gold on legendary engravings that are now useless to me. Also going to have to get new accessories which are going to be stupid expensive too. On top of everything i felt Arty was in a good spot. Don’t really see the point in the change to begin with.


Answered your own question. While I do agree it does suck for those that bought both books, but in the end having dual class engraving setups suck. I will be so glad to knock FPE down to 1 or not at all.

I just decided to stop honing my 1430 to 1445 unless they revert the changes or make the wheelchair mode not suck. The current tests suggest that wheelchair mode deals less damage than the braindead crit/swift build and thats not what I signed up for.

What current tests? Shouldn’t Wheel chair still be stronger? Links?

the easiest thing to do for the new change is to just give Barrage Enhancement more rewarding damage. i quite like the difference in playstyle

I don’t see how it’s a problem that more players play the spec build. Every class has a particular build that is overwhelmingly more popular, doesn’t mean it needs a rework. Also, wheelchair does more damage than swift build (as it should) and therefore has more players. Kinda bs to rework a class in such a major way without compensating players in some way.


Some korean arti mains tested it in PTR and its only dealing like 13M DPS on Trixion. The meta classes averages on 18M so yeah its like unplayable now. Its not really a buff because your normal skills (air raid and homing barrage) do little damage with wheelchair build. Also, charging your barrage meter takes longer time now.

It was changed not because it was popular but because regardless of crit/swift or wheelchair you where forced into FPE3. It appears they want to make them separate without forcing wheelchair into both. As for comp, I donno reworks are usually justified unlike just balance changes, but doubt they could do anything about books.

It’s just Mania. We don’t even know if we’re getting the balance patch and also the balance patch is subject to changes, so just lay low for a while for this to all go down. If you get anything that went up in price btw, just sell it. Will work better off for you in the long run.

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