It took 20 mins average to get in one pvp queue

I am just trying to finish my weekly 5 pvp matches but it took me 20mins average to get in queue, more than a hour to finish all 5 matches…all modes are talking forever. Is PVP so dead or something wrong with the system???
Anyone else experiencing the same or just me??

Which were you trying to join?

Typically the PVP queues die off a lot after the weekend Fever Time bonus XP is over and pick back up again tomorrow into Wednesday.

TDM at least does, FFA always took forever for me to pop.


I waited 10mins + on Team Elimination but no luck so i switched to deathmatch…same thing
I am doing it with my alt now… 22 mins and still waiting .

Yeah I think it’s just the time of day. Sunday Fever Time is over and everyone who cares is likely burnt out of the pvp push for now.

I did 25 matches (5 per character) then an extra matches on main over the weekend, now it’s just watch the scoreboard and play only if I drop out of the top 10% category

Either that or the queues are broken? 20 minutes still seems extreme even for now.

Yea i will just do it during fever time next time

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I think most just que when there’s a bonus from fever time for the quest and don’t bother again till the following week.

PVP can be very frustrating to play depending on what the opposing teams classes are.

Tomorrow afternoon you’ll likely see more 5 minute queue pops as well.

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Just do it the day before reset. People who missed fever time will begrudgingly queue then.

Bots dont play PvP…yet…with almost 800k “players” it will be easier when bots start to PvP.