It was a fun Time while it lasted

Hey there fellow Players.
How do i even start this…iam done with this Game cause i kinda feel like a Bot. Logging in doing Dailys and repeat it 5 times and thats it. 1 Evening is raid which is pretty fun but damn the rest feels so boring after a certain amount of time.
Dont get me wrong Lost Ark has one of the smoothest battling animations ive ever witnessed. it just really clicked with me. Probably the reason why i even palyed that long.
But there are so many negatives about the game right now that i cant play it any longer.
Maybe i dont like korean MMOs in general i dont know.
The Adventure was really fun, i met so many new people and had fun with them. In General i was pleasently suprised by the Community being so supportive and chill.

So Yeah thanks for reading and maybe some of u feel like that too. You are not alone :smiley: .
Have a good evening


ok so this is your last post right?

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so why exactly are getting posts removed ?

If you’re not having fun playing the game anymore then quit or take a break! The problems atm is really a let down and personally if I don’t have friends that are still playing I would’ve moved on too.

Go do something you enjoy!


Can it be your last post also? Do us all a favor lol.

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Same reason they allow bots to stay and dont do anything.

Bots = Numbers look good seems like popular game

Removing Posts = Game looks good no one complaining on forums, must be great!

Its like China over here on the forums.

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Ok. Can I have your stuff?