Item disappear from inventory

im not sure if anyone have this issue before. i finish the t3 Abyss dungeon Aira Oculu and i got the Oreha Empycean for crafting legendary. and i log out and when i log back in the item was gone. anyone experience similar problem?

Welcome to the forum @t.shelly79, apologies for the late answer.

I’m sorry to read that your dungeon reward is missing, were you able to find it? If you didn’t is this the first time you acquire this item?

Also, could you please provide me with the name and server of your character?

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply, wish you a good day in Arkesia!

Hello there,

no i did not find it anywhere. and one on the Enviska Server and my SN is Freyalion

same thing happened to me @t.shelly79 with my argos’s blood crafting material also posted a thread goodluck!

thank you and wish you luck too.

Hello again @t.shelly79, I’m sorry for the delay.

Thanks for providing your character’s information, was this the first time you’ve acquired this item or has this happened before?