Item from the Cash Shop disappeared

yesterday i purchased “Level Complete Pack L.50” and the “Vanquisher Starterpack” on my new character on the new server Antares, but i was unable to claim those yesterday because of server issues. Today when I logged into my character the product inventory was working again, but only the Starterpack was showing and i could only claim the starter pack. The Level Complete Pack is gone and my 1100 Royal Crystals are also gone. Also the Shop shows the Level Complete Pack as bought (the 0/1). I also cant find it anywhere in my Inventory or Mail. I also already did the File Integrity test on steam with no fix. If i buy other items from the store, they instantly appear in my product inventory and theyre claimable
Im playing on Antares (EU) and my name on there is Lassé

Thanks in Advance !

Hello @Lasse ! Hope you are doing great today! :wolf:

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I’m sorry to hear that yout Vanquiser Starterpack and 1100 Royal Crystals are missing from your inventory, we surely don’t want this kind of issues to happen.

This is related to the ongoing issues with the store and late deliveries of items, which fortunately is being looked at by the developers and they are looking for a fix, you can also see the official communication by one of our community managers here: Regarding the In-Game Store & Product Inventory

I’m sorry for the inconveniences caused so far.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as they are looking on a fix!

See you in Arkesia!:rabbit2::leaves:

Hey @Mambasser ! Thanks a lot for the Information
Hope you have a great day !