Item level honing prio 1345-1370 :<


can anyone could please tell me the priority on honning the gear to get 1370? like ?x? ?x? and so on, appreciate the help!

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Everything has to become +15, so Iā€™m unsure what you mean.

To reach 1370, you need +15 on every gear piece.

Every upgrade will add +5 item level on the equipment, or +0.83 average item level.

I would suggest to upgrade everything evenly, like all +10, then all +11 and so on - with the exception of the weapon, depending on your destruction crystals

What you are asking can be applied to the next set of gear (after 1370 and transfering), when you want to reach 1415, you can upgrade all gear evenly to +15 or get gloves/shoulder to +17, helmet +15 and rest +11 for example (there are many variations to save materials to hit 1415 without upgrading everything equally)

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This is correct! Thanks for helping this user out.