Item level should of capped at 1415

Wouldn’t it of been better for the game if item level had of just been capped until new content came out that required it.
Allowing people to push so far ahead has created FoW (fear of whales) for the ftp players that see people so far ahead while getting curb stomped by honing RNG they just give up and move on, then the whales one shot the raid get bored and move on or complaining of no content or no challenging content ( no shit Argos isn’t challenging if you are 1445 already)
It just feels like the only reason to not cap gear is $

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No thanks

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Gear is capped right now at 1490.

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Care to explain why ?

And the hardest content is 1400
Isn’t that a little absurd

I’m too lazy to explain, but the goal of the game is to upgrade gear, push further than your neighboor. If you cut this, the game is fucked

Don’t disagree with that entirely but from my perspective the game was hyped for having challenging and excellent end game content and raids, that are now completely trivialized

The raids aren’t out for now, people will struggle even with superior ilvl, and by the way, for now, ilvl provide very low power outputs : gems + engravings provide waaaaay more power

Let players play the game how they want and you play it how you want?

Kinda is a silly argument by that logic you could just offer everyone anything they want and say go wild

Lol, why shouldn’t they make money off people who wants to spend it? Maybe you should start a business and give everything away for free and not make any money. Lets see how long you would last.

Honing =/= anything they want

Like what? Who cares if they can go to 1490 with garbage hone rates. All the people complaining about content are dolphins and ftp players. Whales have been 1370+ for over a month now and TOLD everyone this was the problem. People are complaining about no content because the rest of the community is catching up. Furthermore, there’s 0 incentive to care about what your neighbors ilvl is, if you’re so worried about a boss getting stomped in matchmaking then do a party fighter.

This is such a bad argument it’s insane. No, it wouldn’t be better for the game. It would cut potential revenue because someone can look at someone else’s gear score and go “wow much bigger than mine not fair he paid!” Like what???

the hardest content will be legion raids. Argos is too easy after a few runs most people already learned most patterns. It will be irrelevant most whale will die 100% even with 1490 GS.

No, players that plays the game daily should have a good time while getting at least 1415 until Valtan, players should be able to access new content.

But if you want to invest money or time into the game, seek knowledge and learn new ways to optimize your progression, you should be able too. If anyone wants to be 3333 with a giant e-***** and destroy all bosses while being MVP 99% of the time, and have the means to do that, I’m not the one who will judge the way he wants to play.

That happens a lot though, people get well salty because others can have what they see as unfair advantage and why P2W is such a huge contention in the community.

Look right, because of current cap being 1490, valtan hard mode is going to get crushed on day by whales who will then complain that the game is too EZ while FtP players watch on and cry salty tears about content coming too early etc

Couldn’t all that simply be avoided by not letting people outpace the content at the same time as helping others reach it ?

Where are the crying whales? And why does that affect F2P player crying about content coming too early?

lol everywhere. There is 0 content for whales.

wanna fair game play ??? go play LOL , CS go .where skill matter.
Its MMORPG , Korean to be exact. It will always be some sort of advantage to hardcore , dolphin ,whales .If you cant except the reality .Go play game where skills matter . Maybe Tetris ??? Chess online ??

What is wrong with content being released early?

So if you are level 1, Lost Ark shouldn’t have any level 20 content? If you are level 20, Lost Ark shouldn’t have any level 50 content?

You will get there when you get there, having the content exist doesn’t negatively affect you.