Item Listing Limit


Artist patch drops, and I have like 100 more items I wanna list that I saved up over a longer time and I won’t be able to list them today.

But thank you AGS on doubling down on this stupid ass system (and adding the count, instead of straight up finally removing this trash limitation) and not giving your real and legit players the freedom to sell their items they want.

I am so fed up with this shit.

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At least i can see limit now

like I have a crapton of support ability stones that I wanna sell since its big money right now but we are just getting f’d by bot limitations.

I am so upset they are so fkn lazy about it.
We told them 100x over months now to lift restrictions based on standings of your account or ingame roster level or whatever.
They didnt do anything to help us.

Ayo man, check this.

Looks to me like listing for 3 days takes 3 entries away even if the counter doesn’t show it. Thank you for the counter though, very helpful.

I’m guessing the official word of it being “temporary” couldn’t be further from the truth. But we all already knew that anyway.

oh yeah there is also a bug right now, if you log on another character it will show 20/20 listings again even though you can’t list that much anymore. You first have to list an item for it to correct itself.

bet you they gonna fix that shit first before removing the actual feature so I can play the game normal again

For some reason I can’t list items anymore on that character but I still can on other characters, I can’t :rofl:

god bless a freakin bloody messy system that they force up our butts which is buggy now left and right