Item missing name/description

In the Land of Truth quest, after you get the Developer’s Bag, one of the items is missing a name and description. My understanding from searching for this item is it’s supposed to be something like

Beta Invite
“Closed Beta Invitation! Become one of the first players in Lost Ark!
This pass seems to be expired long ago.”

This is what it looks like currently in game

The other items in the developer bag have names and descriptions so it’s just this one that’s missing text as far as I could tell.

That blue icon means it’s trash. Probably not a bug just developer trash loot

Hey, do you still have this item? I did the quest last night and obtained it myself. Thinking nothing of it I then went to bed. After the update/weekly server reset its no longer there. im wondering if they got rid of it or that I lost it somehow some way