Item Setino's Secret Bag ID:511101 is not dropping


the titel says it already, we killed him around more than 50 times already with 3-4 players.
Non of us got that bag at all.
The Bag contains the Island Hearth from the Island “Isle of Yearning”

Could u check if it is possible to even get that item atm?
Here an overall overview again.

Where: Sea of Heavens
Island: Isle of Yearning
Item: Setino’s Secret Bag - ID: 511101
NPC: Slow Turtle Captain - ID: 501006
Isle of Yearning Token - ID: 889111

Or are we that unlucky that not even one bag dropped?

Greetings Flushx


Having the same issue, Joined a guy who’d been killin them for 4 hours and not a single drop.
I joined and killed around 50 of them and nothing.

Been farming 7 hours for this token.
Bag dropped thrice, so it does drop. But when you open the bag it’s RNG all over again. I want to kill myself KEKW
Please take a look if the drop rate for this bag is correct.

Farming 3 Days - Count 833 Kills - 0 Bags

4-5 hours farming and not a single bag…

Rubbish drop rate, needs fixing

Day 4: 1185 Kills - 0 Bags

Same, about 50 kills today and no bag.

16 hours and counting, haven’t dropped a bag myself, have seen 12 bag drop from people farming, no island token yet.

Been farming for two days, can confirm not one bag has dropped and only been around for 1 person to get a bag. Drop rate is not in line with other things in this game.

Token rate on korea for this is 0.05%. It is very rare.


Drop rate is suppoed to be extremely low… in korea its well known as an island token that takes an extremely long time, and usually takes around 10 hrs per pouch… so its not a problem… just give up or be patient. I heard it usually takes around a year to get a drop out of 200 bags

yes, but in Korea they have more patience than us Europeans: D

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Can confirm dropped one 3 hours ago but of course RNG of RNG
also percentage of KR players who have this Island soul is 0.05%

mgx dot kr and look up for collectible souls (google translate calls it - island of longing)

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Day 8 - 2087 Kills - 0 Bags - Thanks

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Me too now. 20+ hours killing the boss and not even a bag. It’s definitely rare!

I have now been killing this boss for 34 hours and have yet to get a bag dropped. I will post again once I get a bag.


Hi all. Quick update. I finally got the bag! It took just under 55 hours of farming this guy to get my first drop.


I initially looked up the quest to see how to get the bag but I now live for systeks kill updates lol

Gz on your bag, i haven’t farmed for a while now :smiley:

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Thanks haha i know, not seen you for a while! I have had 5 bags now. Been farming for 80 hours total.

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