Item Shop skins missing pieces


Today I purchased Destruction Punisher Skin Set for 1000 blue crystals and it does not contain pants piece of the set. I opened the chest and I only got chest, headwear and a sword. It clearly says that it should have pants in it or combine pants and chest into one. It does not display them at all even in shop preview. This is very misleading. Can I please get the pants piece or can you get them to be shown in game? Screenshots of the issue below:

Also my friend’s and mine crystaline aura from founder’s packs dissapeared today so there is that too.

Crystalline aura issues are being investigated now, but can you please reach out to support about the other issue you’ve encountered? Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games

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It started working today.

Hey Acharro,

I am having the same issue. How did you get yours to start working?

This issue still persists, any idea if this is being investigated? I contacted amazon support but they said to just verify file integrity via steam, but that doesn’t help at all.

When I contacted Amazon Support this is the link they provided me. Regarding the In-Game Store & Product Inventory

I just purchased the same set and I am having the same problem

I had my lawmaker pants on hidden before so I equipped all pieces of it again and checked show boxes for all skin pieces so all of them would be displayed, then I unequipped said set and equipped the punisher one and its working. Sometimes it works even with alar pants equipped underneath sometimes it doesn’t. If you want it to work all the time make sure that pants skin piece in inventory is set to “show” in the checkbox for it and it should be fine, it is for me at least.

Hello, I’ve bought destructive set from shop with crystal then after long time I receive it in my product inventory, I’ve redeemed it but I’ve got an error, something like “server busy”. I’ve contacted the support and they told me to relog and make a file repair on steam but was 4 pm and the queue was high, so I’ve waited till 1 hour ago, close the game and repair the log in, after log in I’ve lost all my crystal, crystaline aura and a message pop up with “you have claim (or redeemed) the item”, in my inventory I got no skin. Also I receive the launch celebration gift but if I try to claim it, the game say “shop response is slow” (same problem I’ve got with the skin, but after spamming it sometime I lost hope and waited).

I’m having the same issue the pants were not in the box only the top and hood

Hi I purchased the same and also its not showing the pants.
How did you solve it, or was it just working one day? ^^

Bought this skin what 2 weeks ago still haven’t received any of it also don’t have the crystals. Amazon support said just wait until this week for the fix. Still nothing. Purchasing items with currency bought with real money and now have neither the item or currency starting to seem very questionable and kind of ripped off.